The condition of your hair says a lot about your overall health. If you’re not getting the right vitamins and minerals in your daily diet, skin & hair health are two of the first areas to suffer.

The body doesn’t consider hair to be an essential structure, therefore if you’re not consuming enough of a nutrient which is needed for more important processes, the body will prioritise the delivery of those nutrients to other areas first, which means that your hair and scalp health is the first to suffer when your diet isn’t right.” Simone Abaron, apotecari bioactive hair care founder.

Our hair takes a beating in today’s world; exposure to intense sunlight, chemicals, and hair styling techniques, products and tools all take their toll. Is your hair begging you for hair supplements? Read the signs below to find out!

1. Slow Growth  

Believe it or not, slow growing hair is a sign of poor hair health. Certainly the speed of hair growth varies between individuals, but if you notice that your hair growth has slowed or you simply can’t grow your hair past a certain length, it’s time to listen to what your hair is trying to tell you.

2. Thinning hair or bald spots

It’s a natural reaction to feel alarmed if you notice the sudden appearance of bald spots or thinning hair. After all, our hair is the crown we never take off! Either of these symptoms are a sure sign there is something amiss – and in some cases hair supplementation can help to alleviate the problem. Of course if you’re concerned its always best to speak with your Doctor or Naturopath to find out exactly what’s going on.


3. You’re feeling the stress

Stress happens to all of us, and when it sticks around for an extended period of time, it takes quite the toll on our bodies. Hair health included! If you’re suddenly busier than normal, it’s often self care routines that fall to the back burner. Try getting more sleep, practising stress reduction methods, increase your hydration, and supplement your diet with important nutrients for the sake of your hair and your health.


4. Hair loss in your genes 

Some people are simply the unfortunate recipients of hair loss in their DNA. This issue is less about lifestyle and habits and more about your genetic makeup, although there is strong evidence that diet and lifestyle can impact this process. If hair loss runs in your family, its a good idea to proactively supplement to give your hair the best nutritional foundations possible. Often obtaining the right vitamins strictly from our diets is difficult, so supplementation takes the guess work out of things and ensures you give your hair exactly what it needs.

apotecari® bioactive hair care is the very first salon exclusive range of hair-specific nutritional supplements in Australia! Our trio of products: Mane Event, Crowning Glory, & Hair Food contain herbs, amino acids, vitamins and minerals targeted specifically for hair health. Make apotecari the newest part of your hair care routine!

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