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Let’s grow

Reduce hair fall and increase your own natural hair growth, density, strength – and confidence – with a simple daily dose of Apotecari.

This unrivalled natural scalp and hair care nutrition has been developed in Australia by our team of internationally renowned trichologists and naturopaths, with a deep understanding of hair growth, hair loss and thinning, and scalp health.

No BS or medications with collateral damage, we’re all about personalised hair & scalp formulations based on cutting-edge science, manufactured in Australia to pharmaceutical quality standards, for real results.

Is Apotecari right for me?

Easy to take. Easy to use.

Apotecari is a simple addition to your daily routine, working from within to supplement your body with the nutrition required for hair growth, follicle health and scalp quality. Use it as prevention, maintenance or treatment.

Naturally Superior.

In an independent in vitro lab study, results indicate that Apotecari’s nutritional supplement Mane Event® delivers higher cell viability and proliferation than a widely-used pharmaceutical drug.

All your bases are covered.

The Apotecari range is unique in that it supports a range of hair AND scalp health needs; often overlooked as a critical part of healthy hair regrowth. Layer Apotecari products based on your needs and goals to create your own personalised regimen.

Hassle-free convenience: Apotecari is delivered directly to your door.

For those just starting and those loving their results, Apotecari takes the leg work out by delivering directly to your door.
Simply select your product of choice and opt for a one-off delivery or an automated monthly top-up.
For best results, Apotecari supplements are recommended for use for a minimum of 90 days.

Mane Event

Mane Event

Intensive hair growth, condition & thickness.

Mane Event promotes hair growth, strength and fullness from within using vegan ingredients of the finest quality. This advanced, professional-grade formulation delivers targeted nutrition for reduced hair loss, fall and thinning from a variety of origins including androgenic alopecia.

Power Couple

Power up for intensive growth of stronger, thicker hair.

This duo is called the “Power Couple” and for good reason. Created for the grow-getter, these supercharged vegan supplements have been formulated to push through growth barriers, thicken & strengthen hair and feed & stimulate the follicles for growth, with a simple daily dose.

The Complete Trio

A triple-targeted solution tackling dry, dull and damaged hair, sluggish growth, hair loss and scalp imbalance.

Containing the entire collection of Apotecari supplements, The Complete Trio covers all bases when it comes to hair and scalp wellness, so you can kick all your hair goals.