Self care is so much more than an external beauty regimen. It has to start from within, knowing what you need to navigate your life. A pedicure doesn’t last, but eating healthily every day does.

Taking care of your hair is an essential act. While cleansing your scalp and trimming your tresses are important, attention to your inner being is just as necessary when it comes to hair health: just like the skin, those strands are the first place any stress within the body will show on the outside (more on how that works here) and for this reason, your hair deserves all the more attentive nurturing.



Your daily hair ritual: what does it look like?

Is it a case of a light spritz, and off you go?  For the curly-haired, perhaps ‘a 45-minute session with a hairdryer, straightening iron and bucket load of product’ better summarises your hair regimen.  For some, a morning hair care routine may simply be a quick run through of the fingers to get some blood circulation to the scalp.

With no two heads of hair being the same, we each have a hair care ritual to render us comfortably ‘presentable’, but did you know your daily hair care routine can extend to more than topical products and heat styling?

It can include your breakfast.


If we consider that hair is made up of keratin and keratin is made from amino acids found in proteins, and that amino acids can be found in a range of different foods, including:

  • meats
  • collagen
  • plant-based proteins

By increasing our intake of keratin-rich foods, we can equip the body with the building blocks for healthy hair growth.  Whether you’re a carnivore, paleotarian, pollotarian, pescatarian, flexitarian, fruitarian, vegetarian, vegan or raw foodie, while your options may vary to acquire that intake of keratin, they do exist.  It’s upon this exact healthy hair requirement, catering to all dietary preferences, that Apotecari’s Hair Food was formulated.

Aptly named, Hair Food contains 3 plant-based proteins from brown rice, sunflower seeds and sprouted pea protein. It contains the amino acids needed by the body to build keratin, and in turn amplify hair health, length, strength and nourishment.  It’s been carefully-formulated by naturopaths, nutritionists and trichologists to be taken daily and, perhaps most importantly, it tastes delicious (think berry, pomegranate and a hint of coconut).


Simply add two teaspoons to your choice of chilled plant-based milk, coconut water or your go-to smoothie 


While our hair shafts are made up of 80-90% protein, hair growth isn’t just about how much protein you eat or where you’re getting it from though. The process of making keratin in your body is dependent on:

  1. having enough protein available (how much you eat and absorb)
  2. nutrients like vitamin C, which help to boost the production of collagen, and a much-needed building block of both your hair and your scalp

The Hair Boosting Superfood Blend in Hair Food combines Kakadu plum, Davidson plum, Quandong and organic acerola berry extract, bringing the power of superfoods to this specialised, vegan, powerhouse of a hair boost. Minerals are also important. Zinc is needed to help produce protein in your body and maintain the health of your hair. Silica is another mineral linked to beauty and hair wellness and can be found in a few different forms in nature, in the case of Hair Food, from organic bamboo shoot extract. Together, these ingredients provide a powerful and potent surge to fuel hair health from within.

Breakfast: your new hair and beauty ritual?

Our self-care regimen calls for essential quality and functional formulations to cleanse, rejuvenate and nourish our inner and outer beings.

Kick start yours each morning with Apotecari.  This daily supplement has been scientifically formulated to feed your hair follicles and promote hair and scalp benefits from within. It’s a daily dose of three plant-based proteins, vegan collagen and antioxidants and delivers 25% of your Vitamin C RDI with each serve.  Once we begin, a daily Hair Food becomes a healthy habit.

One of the other benefits of Hair Food is who can use it. It’s the only hair supplement suitable for:

  • pregnancy and breastfeeding, supporting postpartum hair loss
  • people who are taking medications or with medical conditions
  • all ages

If we think about it in other terms,  it can be used by all members of your family.  In addition to breakfast smoothies, Hair Food could be the new base for these nutrient-rich oats, the secret ingredient in these oat bites, or even a hair boosting after dinner ice cream.  The ways you can include it in your day are limited only by your creativity.

The value and benefit of a good routine can be seen in so many things we do; children crave them, adults love (and hate) them, but we all know that if we didn’t tell ourselves that we had to go for that walk, head to he gym, wash our hair, maybe just never would get around to it.

The experts tell us the best way to get ourselves into a routine is to make it easy, we don’t need to change everything overnight and start full let only to fall over in a few weeks’ time because we’re exhausted. It’s the same with your edible hair care routine as well.  Start, do it in small manageable steps, and it will become a habit.

Our tip? Use Hair Food as your morning smoothie base and you’re nailing both your hair nutrition and breakfast.



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