A cup of tea is one of life’s greatest pleasures.

Start your day with a serve of Sustain Me Tea

Tea is a sensible addition to most people’s at-home sip selections. In summer, it can be enjoyed iced, cooling the afternoon with each refreshing sip; and to warm cooler days, it can be a welcome addition to reinvigorate energy and motivation. Either way, it rehydrates and refreshes, and with the right ingredients, can renew.

We’re excited for Sustain Me Tea to join your self care ritual. This uplifting botanical blend is quite special, pairing wildcrafted, hair-loving herbs, Horsetail & Nettle leaf, with adaptogens & cognition supporters, Ashwagandha, Oat straw, Ginkgo and Gotu kola. Typical of Apotecari ingredient selection, herbs have been consciously and meticulously selected by naturopaths & trichologists, to invigorate wellbeing and energy throughout the day. Caffeine free, this botanical blend imparts a delicate Rose, Peppermint & Thyme flavour.

How to brew the perfect cup of tea

Always start with the cup. Take a moment to choose your favourite mug or brewing set.

OPTIONAL: Crushing tea prior to steeping releases potent oils and biochemical compounds, delivering increased nutrients. You can crush and roll Sustain Me Tea between your fingertips. Even this practice is cathartic, adding to your moment of respite.

TIP: The quality of your water can affect the flavour of your tea. Tap water high in minerals or treated with chlorine can impart a different  flavour. We recommend fresh, filtered water when brewing tea. Herbal teas are best served without milk.

HOT: In a tea strainer, place 2 spoons of Sustain Me Tea. Place the strainer into a tea cup. Warm water to 80ºC and pour over the tea. Cover your tea cup with a saucer and steep for 5-10 minutes in your vessel of choice. Essential oils are created through steam distillation, so when you cover your tea while it steeps, oils will condense against your saucer and return to the tea. 

ICED: As you would prepare a hot tea, steep, covered, for for 5-10 minutes at 80°C. While steeping, separately fill a tall tempered glass with ice cubes and roughly torn fresh mint leaves. Once the tea has steeped, pour it over the ice, topping up with more ice if needed. Garnish as you please – some of our favourites are rosemary, lemon slices, or pomegranate arils. For added sweetness, add honey to your tea as it steeps. The perfect poolside accessory this summer, for hydration and refreshment.

Take a moment, take a sip, and soar.