When inner-beauty guru Charlie de Haas created this ‘Chocolate, Nut & Berry Protein Ball’ using Apotecari’s Hair Food, the Clean Treats founder proved once again that ingenuity is often born of necessity.

A moment to breathe, tell people they’re loved (including oneself) and inner-nurture are often lacking in our fast-paced daily lives. These balls – plant-based with beauty-boosting benefits from vegan collagen, proteins, antioxidants and native Australian superfoods – help in just that: creating that moment to breathe, show love to oneself (and whoever you choose to share with), and illuminate from within.

Deeply nourishing, filling, delicious and incredibly textural (especially when you opt for a crunchy peanut butter), these balls are perplexing at first bite and addictive after that.

Bonus: they’re easy-to-make, require no baking, and most of these ingredients might just already be in your cupboard.

A great exercise to take some time out, use your hands & create something the whole family can benefit from.
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What you’ll need:
Makes about 40-50 balls

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70g Desiccated Coconut
105g Dry Roasted cashews (blended)
2-3.5 Serves Raw Protein / 60-115g Almond Meal
55g Cacao Nibs or Dark Choc Chips
7-9 Tbsp lukewarm water
7 Tbsp Coconut Oil
22g Peanut Butter / 22mL Rice Malt Syrup

Mix all dry ingredients in a bowl, add the water*, coconut oil (liquid) and peanut butter / rice malt syrup.
*Pending on your Protein Powder you may need a little more water.
Roll into balls, then roll into extra coconut and refrigerate.
Then enjoy!



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