Hair care is an ongoing process; it starts with taking care of oneself on the inside, step one in an ongoing, daily self-care ritual.


Like any kind of growth, hair growth can take time.

 The process of growing longer, stronger and healthier hair is a holistic journey, balancing and restoring the scalp and strands from within. If experiencing a hairy problem, such as a lack of growth or premature balding, it is often an indicator that the body is lacking the required vitamins and minerals to sustain hair health.


Hair and scalp health evolves in perfect unison with one’s life. When calm and centred around a nutrient-rich and balanced diet, one’s hair and scalp health tends to thrive, resulting in glossy hair that’s easy to grow and manage. With the inevitable challenges of a bustling world and stress on the other hand, hair and scalp condition can be impacted, resulting in dehydration, breakage, growth issues and thinning or hair loss. When passing through growth and hormonal milestones (more on that here), the scalp and strands too experience changes.

Through every stage and season, an important and primary consideration to maintain or restore luscious locks to their former glory is feeding the body the nutrients required to optimise the environment for hair to grow. But how does one know what the body may be lacking and how to feed it?

Apotecari’s bioactive supplements are designed to work with your body to restore needed vitamins and minerals, not only promoting the creation of the ideal environment for the scalp and strands to flourish, but also help the hair itself grow and become stronger.

Hair health and hair growth starts with the scalp – the garden bed to the hair, producing sebum and a nourishing environment required for healthy strands. Quite simply, healthy hair doesn’t exist without a healthy scalp. Apotecari’s scalp supplement Crowning Glory has been specially formulated by naturopaths and trichologists to replenish the life back into dull hair by enriching the scalp from within, and in turn, nurturing the roots and future health of the hair.

While the scalp is being nurtured, Apotecari’s intensive hair growth and repair supplement Mane Event delivers essential nutrients to support healthy growth and length. This hair-loving injection of premium plant-based herbs, aminos, vitamins and minerals is scientifically formulated to build hair, generate growth, improve condition and increase length from within.

For an all-round supplement to perfect the scalp and strands and enhance the effects when taken alongside both Crowning Glory and Mane Event, Hair Atelier delivers three plant-based proteins, vegan collagen, antioxidants and 25% of your Vitamin C RDI. This daily berry and pomegranate flavoured drink has been scientifically formulated to feed hair follicles and structurally improve the scalp and strands from within.

It’s useful to note that if the body is depleted of nutrients, it can take up to 3 months of supplementation to bring nutrient levels to where they should be for normal functioning, and give hair adequate time to repair and rebuild. For this reason, it is recommended when taking supplements such as Hair Atelier, Mane Event or Crowning Glory to be consistent with your regimen for at least 90 days in order to appreciate a difference in hair condition. Some may see results in a shorter turnaround, depending on multiple factors including existing nutrients in the body and  life’s stage or season.

In addition to supplementation, one may consider a holistic approach with external treatments and topical products, paired with stress release practices and a well-balanced, nutritional program to optimise not only hair health, but overall well-being.

The haircare journey with Apotecari is a process of taking care of oneself on the inside first, step one in an ongoing, daily self-care ritual.

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