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Working from Home?

A good routine is a self care commitment. It helps us make room for all that’s important and can help us cope with change, form healthy habits and reduce our stress…
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Everyone you know, covered

Delight them with show-stopping botanicals, beautifully packaged and ready to go under the tree. With the awareness around inner beauty on the rise and that relationship between inner and outer…
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Ice Cream for Beauty

Dairy-free & eggless • Vegan • Gluten-free & paleo-friendly • Refined sugar-free • High in anthocyanin – a brain-boosting compound • Ultra creamy and smooth Once your guests (and kids)…
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MANE EVENT for Hair Loss

In a recent independent in vitro lab study, results show that Apotecari’s nutritional supplement Mane Event® delivers higher cell viability and proliferation than widely-used pharmaceutical drug Finasteride.   A client of Apotecari stockist Silk…
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The solar hair effects

The sun’s rays aren’t great for your skin, but what about your hair? With the heat upon us in the Southern hemisphere, more of our days are being spent at the beach;…
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The /a. Team

Our hair and scalp health is related to our inner health.  Understanding this is step one in generating results for men and women.  With this understanding, we’re able to address…
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Before you bleach your hair…

With summer around the corner, BeautyCrew approached Apotecari’s Simone Abaron for some insights into the bleaching process: the ‘how’, ‘what happens’ and ‘what we can do to ensure we don’t end…
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Apotecari Hair Nutrition x Harper’s Beauty Bazaar

Hair and beauty lovers descended on HARPER’S BEAUTY BAZAAR on the weekend, for a two-day festival celebrating health, beauty and wellness.    Apotecari, invited to represent hair nutrition and explain…
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Vitamin C – more than an immune booster!

You might have heard of Vitamin C being important for immune and skin health, but have you thought about its role in hair health? This powerhouse vitamin has been used…
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Poor hair hydration could be the source of your hair woes

We all want healthy, glossy, hydrated hair and want to know how to achieve it. Keeping your hair and scalp hydrated is harder than you think as it can’t be…
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Get to know our ambassador, Mia De Vries

Get to know a little bit more about our Superstar ambassador Mia De Vries from the The Fox and The Hair and why she joined forces with Apotecari. This interview…
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Legumes and the role they play in hair health

Diet and lifestyle play a pivotal role in our hair health.  It doesn’t matter how many treatments we do and how well we look after it, we need to take…
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Hair Goals – new year, new hair?

What are your hair goals? Most people want longer, stronger, healthier hair, and sadly turning a mamed mane into luscious locks can’t happen overnight. There are a few things you need…
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Supplements and Postpartum Hair Loss

If you follow us on Facebook, you’ve probably seen the viral video we shared showing a woman’s experience with dramatic postpartum hair loss. Just in case you haven’t seen it,…
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Top Tips to to avoid Thinning Hair

Thinning hair is certainly something no one wants to experience, and it’s a topic that’s not often discussed. In all honesty, thinning hair is much more common than you probably realise;…
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4 Signs You Might Need Hair Supplements

The condition of your hair says a lot about your overall health. If you’re not getting the right vitamins and minerals in your daily diet, skin & hair health are…
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apotecari - B vitamins

Volume and Vitamins, How The B Team Help You

From keeping it clean to brushing it to avoiding breaks, the pursuit of ultimate hair health is an endless journey. While there is no silver bullet, proper nourishment makes hair…
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apotecari - Australian Hair Supplement

Have you ever wondered why we have hair?

Have you ever considered why you have hair on your head? This may seem obvious but hair actually has many functions, and that’s why you should take care of it.…
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apotecari - The Art and Science Of Trichology

The Art And Science Of Trichology

The best way to maintain a long and fulfilling career as a hair stylist is continuing education. Of the many possible areas of learning, trichology is one of the best…
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apotecari - hair supplements

Hair Health – The Value Of Science

The modern hair stylist needs to know both the science and art, that is the biology and aesthetics, of hair care. Since healthy hair starts from the inside, fueling the…
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apotecari - 5 Tips For Healthy Hair

5 Top Tips To Create Healthy Hair

Did you know that your hair acts as a time capsule, providing vital information about your inner health? If we are healthy on the inside, the quality, condition, strength and…
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apotecari - hair health supplements

Welcome to apotecari

Welcome to apotecari. After years of work, crafting our product range and brand we are finally here! It’s been such an incredibly rewarding journey getting to this point, and I am…
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We ♡ Instagram! Hair health is serious business, so while our social media is a boundless source of hair-health inspo, we like to mix it up occasionally with some lighthearted posts. We…
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