Hair and beauty lovers descended on HARPER’S BEAUTY BAZAAR on the weekend, for a two-day festival celebrating health, beauty and wellness.


plant-based protein

Apotecari, invited to represent hair nutrition and explain the concept of hair wellness from within, hosted a Hair Food smoothie bar, combining the plant-based protein and collagen hair fuel with drinkers’ choice of soy milk or coconut water.



Among the 1,500 ticketholders were panel experts Kayla Itsines, Jessica Gomes, Jesinta Franklin, Teresa Palmer, Rachel Finch, Rae Morris, Melanie Grant, Sally Obermeder, Ryan Channing, Linda Jefferyes and Jess Hatzis.

Simone and the Apotecari team sipped HAIR FOOD smoothies with converts, sharing the science behind the strawberry and pomegranate refreshment, the importance of sustainability and why a vegan formulation for this supplement was so crucial.



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