What is Apotecari?

Born, nurtured and raised in Bondi Beach, Sydney, Australia.

Apotecari Bioactive Hair Care Founder, Simone Abaron, is a qualified Naturopath, Herbalist, and Nutritionist, and holds an associate certificate in Trichology, awarded by the prestigious Australian Institute of Trichology. With over 15 years experience in the complementary healthcare space, Simone has developed some of Australia’s most loved supplements, functional foods and cosmetics.

After years of using home and in-salon treatments and noticing the toll that they were having on her hair, it became clear to Simone that there was a vital piece of the hair care puzzle missing. She identified the need for ‘hair care from within’ – the need for a convenient addition to our daily personal care regimen to serve well beyond the topical treatments which most of us already have access to.

Since originally conceiving this idea, Apotecari has spent years researching to better understand the causes of hair-related conditions, current treatment options, and possible solutions – leaving no stone unturned. Fast forward to today, Apotecari remains the primary choice for premium hair & scalp focused supplements, having pioneered ‘edible hair care’ in 2017. Understanding no two heads of hair are the same and the factors that can impact the hair, Apotecari offers a complete range, extending results to intensified hair growth, renewed hair health, shine, movement, strand strength, and a healthy scalp.

Apotecari’s dietary supplements have been formulated for all hair types, supporting in cases of dehydration, thinning hair, hair loss, stunts in growth, postpartum hair changes, dullness, textural changes, damaged hair and scalp conditions. 

The name Apotecari was first coined by Simone, paying homage to the apothecary of yesteryear which dispensed herbal drugs to their local communities. The term Apothecary was translated to Apotecari in Catalan (the language spoken in Barcelona, Spain – Simone’s home away from home).

The Apotecari Philosophy

‘Bioactive’ is a term used to describe a substance which has any effect on, or interaction with, the body’s cells and tissues. Bioactive hair care is our best description of what we live and breathe daily.

At Apotecari, we draw on scientific knowledge and traditional wisdom for modern hair health, providing clinically effective, innovative, bioactive, and quality hair care products to help consumers feel beautiful and confident from the inside out.

Apotecari is the evolution in hair care.

The Apotecari difference

How did Apotecari turn a multitude of research papers and passion for hair into an elegant piece of art and science in a bottle?



The Founder

My hair is part of what defines me. Some might say that this is a superficial belief, but biologically the health of your hair is reflective of your inner health, and being healthy inside is important to me. After having my own challenges with brittle and damaged hair that wouldn’t grow after going overboard with chemical treatments, I had to cut it all off and start again.

I was frustrated that there were no supplements on the Australian market which were formulated specifically to help me rebuild my hair from the inside out. So I figured that since I was already developing award-winning products for other companies, it was time for me to develop my own… and here I am, long healthy hair and all!

Being able to give the gift of great hair is what personally motivates me. I find it so satisfying to work alongside hair stylists to make beautiful healthy hair accessible to everyone.

Simone x


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