From a 2019 independent in vitro lab study, results show that Apotecari’s nutritional supplement Mane Event® delivers higher cell viability and proliferation than widely-used pharmaceutical drug Finasteride.

A client of Apotecari stockist Silk Hair after 3 weeks of Mane Event supplementation.

Apotecari’s Mane Event® is a vegan, TGA-listed Australian-made supplement combining targeted vitamins, minerals, amino acids and herbs to deliver the nutrients required by the body to promote hair growth, improved condition and relieve hair loss.

Finasteride is a drug that decreases testosterone production and reduces the ability of androgens to bind to DP cells in the scalp to increase hair growth on the scalp and prevent further hair loss.

Finasteride has traditionally been the leading pharmaceutical drug prescribed for androgenetic alopecia (male-pattern baldness).

Understanding hair

A hair follicle is the ‘cavity’ which surrounds the root of a hair.  Hair follicle formation starts in the skin.  Dermal papilla cells (DP cells) are found at the bottom of hair follicles and help hair to form, grow and cycle.  Together with dermal sheath cells, under the right conditions, DP cells have the ability to form a hair bulb.

Hair Growth Cycle

Hair follicles go through three phases in their life cycle:


Hormones and hair

Our sex hormones (androgens) influence the growth or proliferation of hair.

­­­In people who are predisposed to baldness, DP cells are particularly susceptible to hormonal changes, in particular changes in testosterone levels.  While testosterone is thought of as a male hormone, women also have testosterone.

For people who are genetically susceptible to hair loss and baldness, testosterone decreases the function of DP cells and the growth phase of hair follicles, causing hair follicles to shrink and die.

A keyway to help hair thinning and baldness is to improve the activity and proliferation of DP cells, improving hair follicle growth.

Pharmaceutical drug, Finasteride, decreases testosterone production and has been shown to slow hair loss and reduce the ability of androgens to bind to DP cells in the scalp.

Mane Event® is an Australian made supplement combining vitamins, minerals, amino acids and herbs, and provides our body with the structural components of our hair and nutrition to support the growth process, promoting healthy hair growth and assisting with hair loss.

The Study

A 2019 in vitro study involving Mane Event® alongside drug Finasteride found Mane Event® increased the number of human follicle papilla cells in comparison to the number increased by Finasteride.

  • Both Mane Event® and Finasteride showed improvements in viability and creation (proliferation) at all concentrations.
  • The optimum concentration of Mane Event® (500 µg/mL) showed the best results with changes in cell viability of 132% and 32% cell proliferation.
  • At the optimum concentration of Finasteride (170 µg/mL) the change in viability was 128%, with cell proliferation of 28%.
  • Testosterone results showed the cells were active, however there was no increase in viability and it had a negative impact on DP cells, with a 22% reduction in cell numbers at the highest tested concentrations
  • The control showed no change (as expected)

A widely acceptable and reliable way to test how a product affects hair growth is to measure the ability of the cells to grow and transform into the hair shaft and inner root sheath, is the MTT Cell Proliferation Assay.

The MTT test measures:

  1. the viability and proliferation of cells involved in hair growth when exposed to different agents, in this case, Mane Event®, Finasteride or testosterone; and
  2. how quickly cells multiply, if they die off and how quickly this happens.

The test uses compounds called tetrazolium salts, these salts are used by cells to produce compounds called NADH and NADPH. The more NADH and NADPH that is created, the more viable and active the cells are.

In this study, cells were exposed to Mane Event®, Finasteride and testosterone solutions at different concentrations and the production of NADH and NADPH was measured. This diagram shows results after 48 hours. When numbers are above 100, it shows a positive effect on cell viability and below 100 a negative effect (cells die off):

– Conclusion –

Mane Event® showed an improvement in the viability of the cells which form the hair shaft and inner root sheath. The best results were seen at treatment of 500 µg/mL (+132% viability), which was greater than the highest concentration of Finasteride (+128%).

These results indicate that Mane Event® is able to improve hair follicle health which in turn results in healthier hair.

Mane Event® was also able to increase the proliferation of the DP cells. Again, the best results were seen at treatment of 500 µg/mL (+32% proliferation), which was greater than the highest concentration of Finasteride (+28% proliferation).

These results indicate that Mane Event® is able to improve hair follicle proliferation which may in turn result in accelerated hair growth.



Apotecari® is committed to continuing scientific research into their product range to deliver effective products to customers and create products based on scientific research.





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