Our renowned capsule and powdered formulations now come in a new range of pouches, set to ‘replenish’ not only our signature biophotonic glass bottles with the nutrition that one’s daily lives may be lacking, but the environment.

When a revolutionary new enviro-conscious technology won the Packaging Innovation Award at the 2019 Food and Beverage Industry Awards, we delayed not in developing a new line of conveniently-sized, home compostable Replenish Packs, designed to refill our signature biophotonic glass bottles and avoid landfill in another move in the war against waste.

As a brand, we have nurtured scalps and strands back to health with our plant-based supplements since pioneering the ‘edible hair care’ space back in 2017.  Differentiated by meticulous attention to the sustainability, efficacy and quality of each ingredient and packaging vessel, our Replenish Pack range now offers the wellness and planet conscious a 1 month ‘replenishment’ of Mane Event and Crowning Glory and both a 1-month and 1-week travel pack of Hair Food, designed to be poured into their biophotonic glass bottles, or carried in a bag for everyday, on-the-go use. 

“Each Apotecari product is designed and selected around its ability to perform at an optimum and return to the earth with as little impact to our planet as possible”, says Apotecari Founder, Head Formulator and CEO, Simone Abaron. “We’re emerging from a global health crisis that has required us to use single-use plastics like disposable coffee cups, cutlery and takeaway containers to stay safe. Now, as restrictions start to ease and normality resumes, it’s time to look at what we consume daily and identify how we can move away from unnecessary plastic use. The average Australian uses 130kg of plastic each year. Of that, only 9% is recycled.”

SHOP: Hair Food 1 week  |  Mane Event 1 month  |  Crowning Glory 1 month  |  Hair Food 1 month


So how do the Replenish Packs measure up?

How long will my Apotecari Replenish Pack take to decompose in the compost?

Apotecari Replenish Packs will decompose in home compost bins in 26 weeks. It will also break down if it gets thrown in the bin accidentally and it is proven to break down if it ends up in the ocean.

What if it gets littered?

No packaging should be littered but unlike Petrochemical based plastics, this home compostable packaging will start to biodegrade in the presence of microbes, moisture and oxygen at ambient temperatures.  

Packaging that doesn’t cost the earth

Apotecari’s new Replenish Packs are made from sustainable natural materials, trees and plants, proven to break down to CO2, H2O and biomass. They have a high barrier to oxygen and moisture for shelf-life confidence.

They’re an eco-friendly alternative to single use plastic pouches that contribute to landfill, harm marine life and take thousands of years to biodegrade.

100% FREE FROM PLASTIC: Plastic is made from petrochemicals and may take 1000 years to decompose. During the degradation process, there will be no harmful microplastics (compared to degradable plastics).

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