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Not an Apotecari stockist? Head here.

A different kind of hair experience is here.

One that dynamically integrates your client’s lifestyle, hair condition, goals and diet, and provides a score & recommendation in real time, to motivate and engage.

Simplifying the Complex.

My Hair Analysis makes it quick and easy for anyone to find the best hair care, for them. A few taps provide a naturopath and trichologist backed recommendation for men and women of any age, stage, and hair condition.

A new level of care.
An all-new potential.

My Hair Analysis captures users’ responses and, combined with advanced algorithms, provides the most intuitive and beneficial hair care programme where inner hair care is married with outer acts of nurture.

A score, after responding to a series of questions, will come to life on the screen. The score measures hair and scalp potential before a tailored hair care recommendation appears. An impeccable blend of motivation and information.

Users can opt to keep their score via email, tracking progress over time. You can also record client scores and recommendations on file, using them as follow-ups to enhance your relationship.

Made with Apotecari stockists in mind. In and beyond lockdown.

Face-to-face or at home

My Hair Analysis is designed to work face-to-face, via over-the-phone consults, or from the comfort of your client’s home at a time that suits them. 

The flexibility of this online tool means you’re able to extend service well beyond your walls, if you choose.

Take the guesswork out

My Hair Analysis offers intelligent recommendations for your clients based on their individual lifestyle, diet, hair type, age, gender and medical status. It can even suggest content to read to support their transformation.
For your team, My Hair Analysis takes the guesswork out of recommendations, and helps save time.

Endless opportunities to engage

Utilise within face-to-face appointments via the QR code on signage, engage via digital platforms, or share with a link through emails and social channels.

Hair care for all, at your fingertips

Accurate prescriptions with naturopath and trichologist-backed hair care plans for your clients, in less than 3 minutes.

A free tool for Apotecari stockists

Introducing My Hair Analysis to clients is available at no charge. In turn, your guests have access to immediate, accurate and naturopathically-curated product recommendations.

Less time being us. More time being you.

Have your team direct your clients to My Hair Analysis, and let it take care of the rest. In less than 3 minutes, they’ll have a score and a recommendation, then it’s over to you to prepare their package.

Try My Hair Analysis out, notice the types of questions it asks, how convenient it is and how the recommendations it makes are perfectly tailored to the user.

Our bodies were made to perform.
Our hair designed to grow.

For those with specific hair and scalp challenges, My Hair Analysis offers 3-part solutions designed to help accomplish goals. Our skin and hair condition are the first indicators of internal imbalances, and these recommendations are designed to fill nutritional gaps.

If someone’s new to the world of hair vitamins, their responses will help tailor a recommendation.

For expectant mums, there are pregnant and breastfeeding suitable options.

For older adults, there are suitable programmes taking a number of variables into consideration.

Stronger together.

Participating salons will receive a co-branded interface so that users are faced with your brand as they complete My Hair Analysis. To register for your branded interface, click here.

Their wish, your command.
In all new value packs.

In a world of instant gratification, imagine your client’s delight with immediate access to their My Hair Analysis recommendations.

Be equipped to send them on their way with product in hand.

Ready for My Hair Analysis?

Register here.

In case you missed anything

My Hair Analysis by Apotecari is a 2-3 minute quiz that assesses your client’s lifestyle, diet, hair type, concerns and goals, before delivering an on-the-spot individualised recommendation.

Try it out, notice the types of questions it asks before it creates a routine perfectly tailored just for you, personalised to your goals, your lifestyle, and your current state.

The Apotecari team will set you up with My Hair Analysis after you express your interest here. You’ll receive an email, a co-branded interface, and some signage for your space featuring a QR code for clients to access.

No, the beauty of My Hair Analysis is that it can be accessed by users using their own devices. All you need to do is display the signage with access or share the link to your interface via an email, text, social media or your website.

Offering My Hair Analysis to your guests is entirely up to you. It’s as easy as displaying gorgeous signage in your space or simply sharing a link, and encouraging your guests to interact. A QR code on signage is offered for quick and easy access, enabling clients to use their own device.

When you sign up to My Hair Analysis, the software interface will be co-branded with your logo. See an example here.

All Apotecari stockists are able to access My Hair Analysis, you just need to register here. This is because we need things like your logo and you’ll need your in-salon signage for your guests to access My Hair Analysis. You may also need time to organise stock on hand to fulfil your clients’ recommendations. It won’t take more than a week to get My Hair Analysis up and running.

My Hair Analysis was built  by the core Apotecari team of naturopaths, nutritionists, and trichologists, with some very savvy developers, to ensure results are responsible and as suitable to the user as humanly possible.

Simply register your interest here

On registration, you’ll receive information about:

  1. Logo requirements so we can co-brand the interface with your business.
  2. Value Package offers – you’ll notice that My Hair Analysis recommends a combination of supplements and outer acts of nurture according to the user’s needs. To ensure you have everything on hand, we’re delighted to extend you these new packages.
  3. An email template to send to your clients, letting them know My Hair Analysis is available in salon.
  4. Salon Signage, so that your guests are able to access My Hair Analysis quickly, hygienically and conveniently.

For all stockists who implement My Hair Analysis, on sign up, we’ll send you some signage, complimentary. Complimentary signage is also available in these value packages. If you’re after additional signage, it can be purchased via your Portal, here.

In a world of instant gratification, it would serve your client’s experience if they had immediate access to their recommendations, but stock control is completely up to you. These value packages have been put together to help you top up with ease.

My Hair Analysis captures users’ responses and, combined with advanced algorithms, provides the most intuitive and beneficial hair care programme, backed by naturopaths and trichologists. No need to have in-depth consults with your clients that can take time. My Hair Analysis now does it for you. 

Yes. As with all of Apotecari’s products and services, we are committed to protecting the privacy of our contacts, customers and suppliers and complying with the Australian Privacy Principles set out in the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) (Privacy Act). My Hair Analysis users have the option to email themselves their results and recommendations. It is up to the user to then share this information with you, their hair and beauty consultant. View Apotecari’s Privacy Policy here.

My Hair Analysis is perfect for new team members. With its clever programming, it takes all of the guesswork out. All your team needs to do is encourage its completion, share that it’s backed by trichologists and naturopaths, and encourage the client’s use of their recommendation.

Yes. If someone’s new to the world of hair vitamins, their responses will help tailor a recommendation.

For expectant mums, there are pregnant and breastfeeding suitable options.

For older adults, there are suitable programmes taking a number of variables into consideration.

For people with medical conditions or specific hair and scalp conditions, there are considered recommendations.

My Hair Analysis is free. You’ll notice when completing the quiz, that recommendations can include both supplements and outer acts of nurture – things like silk pillow slips and scalp brushes. To perfectly meet the needs of the user, we have created Salon exclusive value packages. We encourage you to browse My Hair Analysis Packages here.

Each recommendation is curated per the user’s responses and is made up of three products. These three products appear in order of ‘highest scoring’, using the My Hair Analysis algorithm. While the complete recommendation will support greater results, if your client is looking to purchase just 1 or 2 products, those appearing first would be our recommendation.