Get to know a little bit more about our Superstar ambassador Mia De Vries from the The Fox and The Hair and why she joined forces with Apotecari. This interview was recently featured in the The Journal Mag, the destination for all things hair, fashion and culture.

What’s new in the world of Mia De Vries?

There’s so much to be excited about at the moment! We’ve literally just finished rebuilding our home after the fire and next week Wolf is starting Kindy! Colour Queens is kicking off again any minute now and we are touring for Wella Professionals! We have so many amazing artists booked for The Secret Fox & we are just about to launch our The Fox & The Hair shadow program! I’m also stepping off floor to focus more on growing my business.


Talk us through your new role with apotecari.

We are a perfect match! I have always believed that healthy, gorgeous hair starts from within and I’m so excited share my experiences with our clients and stylists about the difference using apotecari hair supplements as part of your haircare routine can make!


What drew you to the company?

I love finding an opportunity that’s lacking in the market and I love being at the forefront of trying new things. We have been recommending generic hair, skin and nail tablets but the formulations were so weak that it took a year to get any results. apotecari is so concentrated and is made specifically for the hair and scalp which means that you can see results quickly around the 3-month mark – some clients have reported dramatic changes in the first month!


How do you determine which product/system is right for each individual client?

We do a thorough consultation and diagnosis. The client’s biggest worry is the one you want to focus on. Are they suffering from premature greying or hair that’s resistant to colour? We would recommend Colour Lover. Dry, itchy, sensitive scalp? You’re going to need Crowning Glory! Do you dream of longer, stronger, thicker hair? Mane Event is it! All of the above? The products can even be used all together maximum results.


Can you share with us three of your top tips for hair care and maintenance?

Don’t be a stranger, book regular appointments with your stylist. Use the correct prescribed hair care and update your products as your lifestyle changes with the season, and for the most beautiful hair you should complement your treatments & nourish your hair from within using your chosen apotecari hair supplement.


What are your most requested styles in salon?

Clients are still requesting a lot of balayage and freehand colour, as for styling things are more beachy and undone this summer with loads of curtain bangs! Lots and lots of sexy hair!


What advice do you have for clients looking to try the products?

Make a commitment – 3 months is when you will see the best results so you need to stick it out. One #HotTip: put together an apotecari membership and auto ship your clients their hair supplements in case they can’t make it to the salon.  


We’re thrilled to have formed this incredible partnership with Mia and The Fox and The Hair, and can’t wait to share all the latest and greatest that we have in store for you!

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