Right before opening Cronulla’s chic new home of hair, Kirby Lago gave birth to her third child.  “I remember speaking with Kirby while she was still in hospital”, recalls Apotecari Brand Manager, Sofia.  “What strength, what ambition, what a woman! A luxury salon – an absolute destination – and her third child, born at the same time!”

No stranger to postpartum hair loss – the changes a lot of new mothers see after childbirth and through breastfeeding – in this episode of Apotecari Uncut, Kirby shares parts of her personal story and gives some food for thought from a stylist’s perspective… Ways to enhance what you’ve got, while you work with inner and outer nurture techniques to restore your hair to its former glory.

In this session, Simone, Kirby & Sofia cover:

  • Why one experiences postpartum hair loss
  • When it occurs, how long it lasts and the different ways it can present
  • How to tailor a hair care regimen to the pregnancy and postpartum journey
  • Other women’s stories and experiences with postpartum hair changes

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