A personal experience with Amy Barnett

New mother to Vala Jade, Amy Barnett began her Apotecari hair care journey during her last month of pregnancy in anticipation of postpartum hair loss.

“I have thin and fragile hair and wanted to give it some TLC, especially with the chance of postpartum hair loss.”

An advocate of healthy lifestyle choices, fitness and naturopathy, Amy commenced her journey with Mane Event after consulting with her medical practitioner, continuing with the addition of pregnancy and breastfeeding suitable Hair Food once Vala Jade was born.

“I started using Mane Event in my third trimester as I wanted to be proactive with my hair care. I have continued to use Mane Event post birth and experienced great results. My hair has become noticeably thicker and has grown. I noticed this the most in my fringe, as I cut it shorter than planned and now it has already grown out! I am now adding Hair Food into my regimen and can’t wait to see the results.”


Hear more about Amy’s pregnancy and postpartum journey, as she joins Apotecari Founder, Simone Abaron, in a live conversation here.

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