To be pregnant is to be vitally alive, thoroughly woman.

From preconception through to breastfeeding, changes within the body are certain to occur in preparation for a special new arrival. The glow of dewy, translucent skin, and the thicker, luscious locks of a pregnant woman, for one, are outer changes in line with what’s taking place internally. The changes that a woman experiences during pregnancy and after childbirth are largely related to hormonal fluctuations, which can have profound physiological and emotional effects.

These uplifting bundles contain daily nutrition to nurture both strands and baby through childbirth and breastfeeding, as support through postpartum hair loss and hair changes.

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Perpetual Nutrition. Perpetual Possibilities. To ensure your hair care essentials are on hand at all times, we invite you to join Apotecari’s Hair Food Concierge service & save.

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Designed for a multitude of lifestyles, this coveted plant-based super-powder is available in a selection of packages & sizes, from one-week to three months.
Daily collagen, proteins and superfoods for stronger hair, greater weight, strand restoration and support through postpartum hair loss/changes.

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