A perfect pair, delivered to your door, once a month.

This duo promotes a calm, nourished scalp, nurtures the hair root, repairs damage, increases body and shine and intensifies hair growth from within.

Scientifically formulated by naturopaths and trichologists for men and women, this regimen equips the body with nutrition for healthier, longer hair right at its genesis.


Healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp.

Crowning Glory is Apotecari’s highly specialised supplement for scalp and hair health and anti-ageing.  Adding 2 capsules to your daily wellness and beauty regimen delivers a dose of oils, vitamins and minerals that are essential to scalp health and healthy hair.  Crowning Glory is designed to nourish a dry or irritated scalp, rebalance an oily scalp, promote and maintain healthy hair and improve cases of dehydrated hair. It also plays a role in protecting your strands from styling tools, cooler climates and UV damage.


Feed your body for hair growth.

Add two capsules of Mane Event to your daily wellness and beauty regimen to grow your hair, repair damage and improve condition from within.  This premium plant-based formulation is Apotecari’s intensive growth supplement and features the vitamins, amino acids, minerals and herbs required by the body to promote hair health, hair growth and to push through growth barriers.


This monthly programme includes:

Crowning Glory™ 1 month + Mane Event™ 1 month


$84.95 / month

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Adults: take 2 capsules of Crowning Glory and 2 capsules of Mane Event daily or as prescribed by your healthcare professional.
Apotecari recommends taking your hair nutrition in the mornings with food.

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AUD $84.95 per month, minimum 6 months.

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This duo combines Apotecari’s MANE EVENT™ and CROWNING GLORY™ for elevated health for growth.

1 x 60 capsules MANE EVENT + 1 x 60 capsules CROWNING GLORY

Proudly made in Australia

Store below 25°C

– Cruelty Free     – Sulphate Free     – Non GMO     – Gluten and wheat free     – Dairy and lactose free     – Nut, sesame, shellfish, egg free     – No refined sugars     – No artificial colours, sweeteners or flavours     – No preservatives

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