“I’m losing my hair.”
“Can I slow down the greying process?”
“Can I grow my hair, faster?”
“I have postpartum hair loss.”
“I need to do something about my flaky scalp!”

The team of naturopaths and trichologists behind Apotecari receive multiple enquiries on a daily basis about all things hair and scalp.

Join us in this series of Instagram Lives with Apotecari Founder, Simone Abaron, as she dispels misconceptions and unveils truths, joining the dots between lifestyle and hair and scalp health.  The Apotecari range of supplements, formulated to bridge gaps to meet one’s seasonal or stage needs, is enriched by science and its ‘lifestyle’ philosophy; when paired with understanding, diet, exercise, and stress management, watch scalp and strand health and growth unfold.

Getting down to business: Q+A with Apotecari Founder, Simone Abaron

A moment of clarity amid sensory hyperactivity, this naturopath, nutritionist and trichologist fuses transparency with expertise to promote understanding around the importance of a 360º approach to hair and scalp health.

In this session, we cover:
+ Apotecari supplements and how long it may take to see results
+ Some of the lifestyle considerations that may help you reach goals faster
+ The importance of a cruelty-free ethos
+ What’s in the pipe in the world of hair nutrition
+ The dreaded ‘winter dry scalp’ –  and how to overcome it
+ Inner and outer fusions
+ Wedding prep – how to use nutrition to your advantage
+ Far-reaching benefits
+ How to supplement when pregnant and/or breastfeeding

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Winter Hair: something we all experience?

Confronted with an endless list of products and a world saturated in ads, Apotecari Founder Simone Abaron takes to an interactive session to unveil truths and redefine the ideal ‘cooler climate regimen’ to ensure the skin and strands are nurtured.

In this session, we cover:
+ Is ‘Winter hair’ really a thing? Simone explains what ‘winter hair’ and ‘winter scalp’ is, calling out the reasons behind the dreaded phenomena
+ How to avoid and counteract ‘winter damage’
+ Omega fatty acids – your best friends in cooler climates
+ Do men need to worry about winter hair?
+ Making the right food choices (and foods to avoid) in cooler climates
+ Can a supplement really achieve hydration for our scalp and hair?

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Talking Collagen: Your questions answered!

It’s the latest topic trending in the beauty industry, and it’s now an integral part of many people’s beauty regimens. But if you’ve ever wondered why it’s so popular and if it really works, we’re here to answer your questions. Apotecari Founder, Simone Abaron, addresses your most pressing questions about Collagen and unpacks the science behind it.

In this session, we cover:
+ What Collagen is and how does it work?
+ The science behind Collagen and where it comes from
+ Vegan vs non-vegan sources of Collagen – what is the difference, and which is best for you?
+ Why Collagen is beneficial for our hair health (and other areas of our bodies!)
+ How and when to take it for optimum results
+ Is is safe to take when pregnant and/or breastfeeding?

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Scalp Health: Combating the signs of an ageing scalp

Did you know, our scalps age 6 times faster than our facial skin? Yet, most of us spend more time taking care of our facial skin than that on our scalp. Apotecari Founder, Simone Abaron delves into scalp health, explains how our scalps age and what impact it can have on our strands.

In this session, we cover:
+ What ages faster your face skin or your scalp?
+ Your scalp‘s ageing process – what actually happens to our scalps over time
+ What impact an ageing scalp has on your strands
+ How you can reduce the signs of ageing in your scalp
+ How to improve your hair health through caring for your scalp

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Season Change: What to do now for summer

Spring is in the air, and with it, warmer weather and a different set of environmental stressors that can impact the scalp and strands. There is no better time than now, to start preparing your hair for the warmer months ahead, to keep it feeling fresh and healthy all summer long.

In this session, Simone and Sofia cover:
+ How does a change in season affect our hair?
+ What impact does warmer weather have on our scalp and strands?
+ What does an ideal spring hair care regimen look like?
+ Changes in your routine that you can implement now to prepare for the summer months

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Postpartum Hair Woes: What changes does our hair go through?

Simone and Sofia catch up with mother of 3 and salon owner Kirby Lago sharing her own experience around postpartum hair changes.  Hear Kirby’s expert insider advice as a stylist, and easy-to-implement nutritional tips from Simone.

In this session, we cover:
+ Why one experiences postpartum hair loss
+ When it occurs and how long it lasts
+ How to tailor a hair care regimen to the pregnancy and postpartum journey
+ Other women’s stories and experiences with postpartum hair changes

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