Essential for the scalp and strands’ optimal health and appearance, these formulations offer nutrients for hydration, restoration and nourishment from within for your hair’s silkiest movement and the healthiest scalp.

Designed by naturopaths, nutritionists and trichologists to support a multitude of lifestyles and conditions, these supplements work from within, for longer-lasting results.

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A formidable offering that pairs Apotecari heroes, Crowning Glory & Hair Food, with Apotecari’s Scalp Brush, shaker and shoulder bag to strengthen strands, hydrate hair & support the ageing process with highly active ingredients.

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A specialised supplement for the silkiest movement & healthiest scalp. A healthy scalp is a necessity for healthy, hydrated hair. It also supports the ageing process. Available in a selection of packages & sizes, from one-week to three months.

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Perpetual Nutrition. Perpetual Possibilities. To ensure your hair care essentials are on hand at all times, we invite you to join Apotecari’s Crowning Glory Concierge service & save $10 each month.

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