Take a moment to tune in to your scalp.


When did you last check in with your scalp?

Not a question you may be asked very often, but if you take a moment, how does it feel? Tight? The occasional itch? Are there any visible flakes at your hairline, along your part, or near your neck?

While so much focus and attention is paid to the look and condition of hair, often the scalp is overlooked, yet your scalp is the garden bed from which exceptional hair grows.  Overhauling your scalp health is the most positive thing you can do to elevate hair health at a cellular level.  While many of us tailor our face and body care routines according to evolving needs and environmental changes, scalps are often neglected when it comes to our regular routines. 

So, where do you start?

Firstly, you don’t have to put up with annoying scalp complaints, and importantly, supermarket or drugstore shampoos aren’t the only approach. 

At Apotecari we take an inside-out approach to address the root cause of hair and scalp issues (pun intended). While a shampoo may alleviate symptoms temporarily, when you stop using it your scalp is likely to return to its previous state. In some cases, symptoms become far worse when you stop using it.

Supermarket or drugstore shampoos aren’t the only approach.

Apotecari deals with the underlying causes of scalp complaints and has been expertly formulated by trichologists and naturopaths. 

The root of the matter

Targeting scalp health from within is crucial for long-term, lasting results however it’s important to identify the underlying causes. Some bleaching agents and hair dyes can exacerbate conditions such as dandruff, incorrect cleansing and product application may leave your scalp feeling itchy, while over-washing with harsh surfactants (e.g. sulfates) may have interrupted your natural oil production and delicate microbiome.

In some cases scalp concerns can be hard to link to an exact cause. Persistent dandruff or excessive hair fall can seemingly occur without a direct trigger and this makes getting to the root cause more difficult.  In these instances, a broad-spectrum approach to scalp improvement may be required to maximise your hair’s health & growth potential.

A personalised approach

Our sophisticated hair and scalp quiz, My Hair Analysis, makes investigating your individual hair and scalp troubles a breeze, and offers the perfect place to begin your journey to optimum hair and scalp wellness.  Our quiz has been created by industry leading trichologists and naturopaths to guide you to the perfect recommendations to support your unique hair type, lifestyle and goals, transforming your hair and scalp health. Your scalp woes will be detected within the assessment process allowing for a personalised regime to be recommended to you at the end of the quiz.

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Dedicated to scalp health

From oiliness to flakes and everything in between, Crowning Glory is Apotecari’s go-to scalp and hair hydration hero. Our next generation Crowning Glory formulation hits salon and bathroom shelves around the country with our updated best-ever formulation. Now vegan certified and with powerful new bioactive ingredients, our refreshed Crowning Glory formulation takes scalp remedy and hydration to the next level.

Our best-ever formulation

From day one, the omega-rich, nourishing formula gets to work building up and replenishing your body’s stores of important fatty acids, vitamins and minerals. The addition of Hairtellectual® Hyaluronic acid is a key factor in bringing much needed moisture to flaky, itchy scalps. After one month of supplementation your scalp’s barrier will be improving day-by-day. Not only will you notice a reduction in flakes and itch, but oil balance will improve also. 

Maintain your new Crowning Glory supplement ritual for 90 days for the full effects to become apparent. At the 90 day mark, your scalp is balanced and calm while your hair growth has benefited greatly from the nutritional powerhouse it’s been receiving during your journey. 

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The extra mile

Our 5-in-1 Scalp and Shampoo brush adds an exceptional touch of luxury to your shower experience and helps to gently massage your entire scalp. The flexible silicone ‘fingers’ are second to none when it comes to busting-flakes, cleansing efficiently and enhancing circulation. Using the correct technique ensures that the shampoo penetrates to the scalp and that oil, dirt, product build-up, pollution and flakes are lifted off the scalp and that the entire surface area is washed properly. We think it’s the closest you’ll get to an ‘in-salon’ cleanse at home!


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