What’s affecting your hair & scalp health?

It’s different for everyone.
It may not be as glossy as you’d like. Perhaps a growth quirk has been with you since childhood. It’s unruly and takes forever to tame – or, has a colour, styling session or treatment caused more harm than good? Are you starting to see male pattern baldness or a receding hairline? Is medicine impacting your hair and scalp condition? Are you pregnant or breastfeeding? You could be vegan or you may suffer with allergies.

It’s fascinating to see how intimately linked our lifestyle, habits, diet and stress are to our hair and scalp health.  In fact, our skin (including the scalp) and hair are the first places to show what’s going on internally.  If you’ve ever experienced a period of poor skin or hair quality, cast your mind back to what was happening 3-6 months before – were you unwell? Did you make a change to your diet? Was it a stressful period? Were you busy or sleep deprived?

When we feed our body the right balance of hair and skin feeding nutrients, we see thicker, longer and hydrated hair, oil imbalances corrected, accelerated hair growth and a healthy scalp. We’re also able to support the hair, scalp and facial ageing process.

To optimally-nurture the scalp and hair through the dynamics of life, give consideration to the three-pronged approach to hair health:

  1. By feeding the scalp where the root resides, we ensure sustainable and healthy growth from the get-go, as well as hydration which is key to support the ageing process. The scalp ages 6-7 times faster than the skin of the face and nurturing it not only maintains elasticity to uphold the face, but it helps the hair through its ageing process.  A nourished scalp means hydrated strands, so if you find your hair on the dehydrated side, consider your scalp health. When it comes to feeding your scalp, a targeted scalp supplement is a quick and hassle-free way to deliver it the goods from within. Follicle health is something to nurture here too. Nutrition targeted to keep those follicles thriving can help reduce hair fall and postpartum hair loss.
  2. With specific amino acids – the building blocks of our hair – and the likes of activated B vitamins, we promote growth and repair.
  3. If you consider that the strand is made up of 80% protein, the right dose of proteins and vegan collagen help to strengthen and thicken the hair. A healthy dose of Vitamin C is required to activate collagen and too supports the ageing process with antioxidants. Antioxidants help to fight off free radicals which love to gather in the follicles and, over time, can contribute to the greying process.

Each of these steps are covered by the The /A. Team Kit, which comes complete with a Scalp Brush, an outer act of nurture and exceptional at scalp detox, exfoliation and cleansing and blood circulation to those follicles to stimulate growth.  



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