Our hair and scalp health is related to our inner health.  Understanding this is step one in generating results for men and women.  With this understanding, we’re able to address the root causes, not just the symptoms.

When we feed our body the right balance of hair and skin loving nutrients, we see thicker, longer and healthier hair, and we’re able to turnaround the ageing process.

Many people aren’t aware about the three-pronged approach to hair health:

By feeding our scalp where the root resides, we ensure sustainable and healthy growth from the get-go, as well as hydration which is key when we speak about anti ageing.

With specific amino acids – the building blocks of our hair – and the likes of activated B vitamins, we promote growth and repair.

With the right dose of Vitamin C, proteins and #vegan collagen, we’re able to strengthen, perfect and amplify growth and health.

Each of these steps can be found in The /A. Team Kit, available right now with $79.90 of bonus value.  


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