The Apotecari Difference

At Apotecari, we don’t leave anything to chance.

First and foremost, we are a health care company, so our ‘reason for being’ has and always will be to promote the health and wellbeing of our customers. Hair and Scalp health will naturally follow.

That’s why when it came to developing our products, we left no stone unturned. Our aim was to use only the very best quality, pure and innovative ingredients and packaging the world has to offer for our products. Here’s some insight into how we turned a multitude of research papers and passion for hair into an elegant piece of art and science in a bottle.


There is no substitute for hard work, research and passion. Our love for healthy hair was so deeply ingrained in our DNA that this seemed like the obvious starting point. As qualified naturopaths, nutritionists, herbalists and food scientists, we delved into the deepest corner of the scientific world to learn as much as we could about all things hair. We even went so far as to study the science of Trichology with the esteemed Australian Institute of Trichology, to learn from the worlds’ best. We started our formulation process by applying our intricate knowledge of human physiology and how vitamins, minerals, amino acids, nutritional oils and herbs interact with our body, and most importantly our hair. From this, we broadly identified our target ingredients. This was a process of love, dedication and passion, and set the foundations for Apotecari to become the world leader in bioactive hair care.


The next phase of our journey was to harness our knowledge, and travel the world to find ingredients and packaging that were really going to make a difference. Naturally, we started on the inside out. We already knew which ingredients we needed, and the dose of those ingredients, to make our products truly bioactive. The next step was to work with premium ingredient suppliers to source the most potent ingredients available. In some cases, we even went so far as to design our ingredients from the ground-up, from the fields that the plants are grown in all the way through to the way they are processed, how they are delivered to us, and importantly how they are tested.

Ingredient hunter


Having spent so much time and effort creating our product, we turned our attention to packaging. After all, it’s what keeps our formulations protected from the outside elements. We knew that the ‘same old’ packaging wouldn’t cut it for what we had in mind for our brand. We wanted something that looked elegant, served functional purpose and didn’t contain any nasties like BPA. That’s when we found our soulmate – our European packaging supplier, who was able to deliver a beautiful, premium-quality glass bottle which protects our products from the harmful effects of ultraviolet exposure.

We are excited to bring you our elegant piece of art and science. We invite you to peruse the Apotecari range.





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