Most certainly a question that goes through the minds of anyone looking to grow out a hairstyle or increase their overall length.  While it may seem that regular haircuts will hinder your long-lock journey, avoiding the hairdresser’s chair altogether may do more harm in the long run.

We’ve put together our best tips to help you stick to your guns and grow out beautiful, healthy hair

Keep those split ends at bay

Not only are they unsightly, slit ends are often indicative of how your overall routine is affecting the health of your hair. The ends of your hair are the oldest and most exposed part of the hair shaft and are susceptible to splintering and fraying.

While your scalp is diligently supporting your hair growth from the root, pesky split ends at the other end can work their way up the hair shaft, undoing this growth and requiring a more significant trim in order to remove them. By keeping on top of your regular trims, any damage that does occur will only require minimal trimming to keep it in shape, plus you’ll help avoid hair breakage higher up the hair shaft – another threat to your Rapunzel goals.  By taking as little as 5mm off your length every 2-3 months your hair growth will exceed the amount taken off during your salon visits, helping you stay on track with your length goals.

Communication is key

To avoid that sinking feeling when a haircut has gone too far, it’s crucial your hairdresser has a very clear idea of your hair targets and challenges before they pick up the scissors.  Understanding how much they are going to take off and agreeing on the frequency of your visits will avoid any unnecessary heartache and keep your hair dreams on point. To find a recommended Apotecari salon near you, click here. Apotecari salons are qualified based on a thorough investigation into to their ethos, talent, quality, hygiene and passion around your experience.

Avoid temptation

Sometimes the phrases “I need a change” or “what do you think?” are exciting and will lead you down a path to hair-greatness. But when growing out your hair, now is not that time. Stick to the plan, even when the bright lights and buzzing vibe of the salon is starting to break your resolve. Impulse cuts can undo months, if not years of growth in a single moment so unless you’re sure, avoid the temptation and stick to the plan. And hey, there’s always next time!

Employ some strategic cutting

You may have attempted a not-so-successful iso-fringe in the past or perhaps you have a style in mind for when you reach your target, your stylist will be able to employ some subtle styling techniques into your trim. Slight changes such as the addition of some layers or some shorter pieces at the front to blend aforementioned iso-fringe, can curb your enthusiasm for a drastic cut while not messing with the overall length.

Give your scalp what it needs when it needs it

A daily supplement might not work miracles overnight, but it can make a big difference to the health of your hair in the long run. By ensuring adequate levels of important B vitamins, protein and essential fatty acids are obtained through your diet daily, your scalp and hair will have the key components needed to produce healthy, strong hair. Apotecari’s internal hair care range has been carefully formulated to ensure only the best and most necessary ingredients are included to support your unique hair and scalp situation.

Salon owner Kirby Lago (left) from Apotecari salon Pelo By Lago helps select the ultimate nutrition combinations for her clients.

Try the Apotecari concierge service where your hair care must-have supplements are delivered to your door monthly. This no-fuss approach takes the stress out of remembering and will help you on your way to long, lustrous locks in no time!



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