Beauty is never skin deep, and the same goes for hair health.

Best known for introducing the concept of “edible hair care” to the world, Apotecari Founder and Head Formulator, Simone Abaron, is passionate about helping people achieve previously-unattainable hair health by integrating external hair care regimes with “hair health from within”.

In this session, she fuses her unique expertise in naturopathy, herbalism, nutrition and trichology, to address the hair and scalp health challenges we see day-to-day, further equipping you with the insights to both improve – and reverse – them, long-term.

Join her in this webinar for exclusive Apotecari stockists as she pushes boundaries, dispels myths and provides take-away content covering what sort of nutrition different hair needs, amplifying external hair care regimes from within, the effects of chemical processing on the structural components of the hair, nutritionally restoring these structures responsibly, and ultimately, creating the perfect environment to achieve your clients’ hair goals.

Monday 29th July 10:00am-11:30am.
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