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Whether you’ve just started, are halfway through or researching before you take the plunge, read on to understand the changes you can expect when taking Crowning Glory for 3 months.

Measuring your progress:

When you start Apotecari, we recommend these simple tips to help measure your progress.

Take the following measurements monthly, starting on day one. As time goes on, compare your progress to the results from the previous month and continue to track over 90 days.

  1. In good lighting, take close-up photos of your scalp along your part, at your hairline, and from the back of your head.
  2. Make a note of how many times per week you wash your hair; we’re looking to balance and perfect sebum production.
  3. We recommend this quick  hair porosity test too.

Month 1

Day one – You’ve just unboxed your Crowning Glory supplements. Now is the perfect time to work out where you’re going to keep these golden beauties. There’s no perfect spot for everyone, the best spot is where you’ll remember to take them! Whether that’s next to your kettle or coffee machine, in the cupboard next to your cereal, try positioning them next to something you do daily, to help form a strong daily habit. We recommend taking Crowning Glory at the beginning of the day, with food to support absorption.

Now, onto your hydration journey!

Over this first month of supplementation, you’ll be topping up your body’s omega fatty acid levels daily, to help regulate oil production and provide an anti-inflammatory hit!

Areas of nutritional shortfall in your diet are being addressed with nutrients such as vitamin D and betacarotene. These help to support the integrity of the scalp while selenium and zinc help moderate cell turnover which in turn will be starting to reduce scalp flakiness.

Towards the end of your first month, you may notice that your scalp’s barrier function will have started to repair.

When it comes to your scalp’s oil production, by month one this will have started to rebalance and level out. You may be starting to notice a change in how often you need to wash your hair.

While you can’t see this one, the dietary antioxidants in Crowning Glory are reducing the amount of damage caused by free radicals at the root of the hair, helping to support healthy follicles.

Congratulations, you have primed your body, started your journey and the best benefits are yet to come! This is just the beginning.

Month 2

By now your daily routine featuring Crowning Glory should feel like second nature. With continued supplementation of omega fatty acids, key nutrients, and antioxidants, improved oil balance will become more noticeable.

Toward the end of month two, itchy scalp sensations and flakes have started to reduce as you continue on your way to a calmer and more hydrated scalp.

Scalp sensitivity is becoming less problematic with inflammation or tenderness substantially reduced.

Your strands are becoming more nourished and hydrated, and therefore fizziness and dryness are also improving.

As your scalp condition improves as each day goes by, so too your self-confidence.

Month 3

Crowning Glory is working to its full potential now.  Look back on the measurements you took on day 1, day 30 and day 60 to see how far your hair and scalp have progressed!

Your scalp’s oil levels are balanced and as a result you might notice a change in how often you need to wash your hair.

Flakes, itchiness, dandruff symptoms, and trouble spots are now vastly improved.

Unruly hair has now become more manageable, with reduced frizz and dehydration. Protection against heat, cold, and pollution is also now taking place.

The quality and condition of your new hair growth is improved, now being more hydrated and silkier to the touch.

Having supplemented for 3 months, your scalp is in better shape than ever, and your hair is far more manageable. Your scalp and hair are thriving now, and you are too!

There’s no looking back now that your routine has become a ritual. Keep up your supplementation and the benefits you’ve seen over the last 3 months will continue to surprise and delight.

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