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You might have started your journey or are thinking about what hair growth program is best for you. Read on to understand what the first 3 months of Mane Event supplementation will look like for your hair.

Measuring your progress:

When you start your Mane Event journey, we recommend these simple tips to help measure your progress.

Take the following measurements monthly, starting on day one. As time goes on, compare your progress to the results from the previous month and continue to track over 90 days.

  1. In good lighting, take close-up photos of your scalp along your part, at your hairline, and from the back of your head.
  2. Measure your hair length from the nape of your neck to its ends.
  3. Take a note of your current hair fall such as in the shower or when brushing
  4. We recommend this quick  hair porosity test too.

Month 1

Day 1 – Having received your Mane Event, you’ll be excited to get started. We recommend taking Mane Event at the beginning of the day, with food to support absorption. Once opened, we recommend storing this hair saviour in the fridge, however, this is not necessary. Position it towards the front so you’ll see it every day and be reminded to take it. The aim over the next 3 months is to create a daily ritual where your consistency will be rewarded with results.

Your journey to longer, stronger, and healthier hair has begun, how exciting!

This first month is about topping up your body’s nutrient levels daily to provide the building blocks your body needs to produce healthy and strong hair, and to boost growth to an all-time high. You may not have been aware of them but nutritional gaps in your diet may have contributed to slow growth or hair fall.

Areas of nutritional shortfall are being filled comprehensively, with our dual amino acid combination of cysteine and methionine which are the main building blocks of keratin, along with other important hair growth nutrients such as silica, biotin, iodine, zinc and activated B vitamins.

Dietary antioxidants start to reduce the damage to hair from free radicals at the root and while this one is a little harder to see, the benefits will pay off down the track.

Within this first month you may start to notice improved shine and enhanced thickness, especially around the root area.

Congratulations, you have primed your body and the best benefits are yet to come! This is only the beginning.

Month 2

Hopefully, your daily Mane Event ritual is now ingrained and with continued supplementation of amino acids, key nutrients and antioxidants, healthy hair generation may become more noticeable, with new hairs and baby hairs starting to make an appearance.

Areas of patchiness or thinness are showing signs of new growth.

Into this second month, hair fall has slowed, especially when brushing and washing compared to day 1.

Follicles and strands are nourished and as a result improvements to your growing hair’s shine and thickness are becoming apparent.

You may be starting to notice that your hair condition is improving as each day goes by, and along with that, your self-confidence.

Month 3

Mane Event is working to its full potential now and your consistency is paying off.

Improvements in the hair’s overall length should now be quite visible and weaker strands are stronger as they grow from the follicles. Hair growth is boosted, and the new growth has greater resilience. Look back at your initial measurements from day one to see how your length compares.

The thickness and strength of the hair have improved, and as a result the hair is more voluminous.

Hair fall is noticeably improved compared to day 1. This reduction in hair fall also contributes to the maintenance of your hair’s thickness and volume.

Your third month of supplementation sees the quality of your hair improved, making it more manageable.

Having supplemented for 3 months, the new hair that you have built is shinier, stronger and thicker than ever. Your hair is thriving now, and you are too.

There’s no looking back now that your routine has become a ritual. Keep up your supplementation and the benefits you’ve seen over the last 3 months will continue to surprise and delight.

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