A good routine is a self care commitment.
It helps us make room for all that’s important and can help us cope with change, form healthy habits and reduce our stress levels.
Here’s us, sharing the routine we’ve adapted while we work from home.


Make bed. Get ready, even if you’re not seeing anyone.


Have breakfast with animal friends or by the window (or both).

Set up today’s home working space.
Think about light source, desk height, temperature, air circulation, chair comfort and being able to stretch those legs.

Take stock. Read something soul-quenching. Plan day. Write to-do list.

Turn phone on silent. Hydrate. 1.5 hours of undistracted work.

Hydrate. Turn head to the left and the right. Five deep breaths. Another hour of undistracted work, tick another item off to-do list.

Breathe. Stretch. Smile. Hydrate. Respond to communications that came through this morning and tick another 1-2 items off to-do list.

Stretch legs. Find inner Masterchef. Make a nutritious meal.

Call someone. Make a cup of tea. Listen to them. Tell them you appreciate them.

Hydrate. 2 hours of undistracted work, split into two focuses.

Afternoon snack. Make it count, what’s in the fridge or pantry that’s going to help boost immunity?
Take a moment to stretch. Don’t forget to smile.

Hydrate. 2 hours of undistracted work, split into four focuses.

Final 10-minute inbox check for the day.
Finish up, close all programs, power-off device/s, close notebook.
Clean workspace for a fresh start tomorrow.


Get to exercising, making a nutritious dinner, speaking to your loved ones, digital detoxing, pampering: skin, relaxation and hair rituals, self-reflecting: what could you do better tomorrow than you did today?

Sleep quality and quantity is vital for immunity and inner peace too. Try to take advantage of the opportunity to catch up on some.

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