For those in need of a momentary escape...
Take a moment, take a sip & soar...

We believe in a sensory world, where consciously crafted acts can take one on a journey, provide moments of respite, imagination and exhilaration

Sustain me.
Fuel me.
Soothe me.
Scrub me.

Two Gift Kits form 2021’s Limited Edition release, each a trio of restorative practices to invigorate hair growth, mental clarity & wellbeing. Centred around an adaptogen and antioxidant rich botanical blend at a time when restoration is most needed, we invite you to discover our limited edition ‘Sustain Me Tea’ first hand.  

Curated to tend to each of the senses, with each Gift Kit recipients receive access to a Self-Care Ritual featuring a 5-step scalp massage, wellness recipes and a playlist to accompany the journey to restoration.

Whether self care is what you intend to gift or receive this festive season, each Gift Kit makes for an astute selection for a wide range of recipients.

A trio of restorative practices for hair growth, mental clarity & wellbeing.

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An invigorating start to the day and a restorative eve, for the sipper obsessed with hair & self-care.

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Introducing Sustain Me Tea

A limited edition release, by popular request.
An Antioxidant & Adaptogen Rich Botanical Blend to Uplift.

This uplifting blend pairs wildcrafted, hair-loving botanicals, Horsetail & Nettle leaf, with adaptogens & cognition supporters, Ashwagandha, Oat straw, Ginkgo and Gotu kola.

Typical of Apotecari ingredient selection, herbs have been consciously and meticulously selected by naturopaths & trichologists, to invigorate wellbeing and energy throughout the day. 

Caffeine free, this botanical blend imparts a delicate Rose, Peppermint & Thyme flavour. 

Exclusively available in Apotecari’s 2021 Limited Edition Gift Kits.

As an outer act of nurture, a Scalp Brush is included in each Kit, accompanied by a five step massage to banish tensions and invigorate growth.

Wow! I bought this for husband’s birthday to help with bald patches! I tried it and wow, the scalp massage alone is worth it – the feeling is amazing! My scalp is cleaner and I feel like I have been to the hairdresser x


For the music-lover in each, a curated Spotify playlist unwinds & uplifts.

Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.
~ Plato

Find Your Fit

Each Kit is designed to restore, at a time when it’s most needed. In each, find our limited edition Sustain Me Tea, an adaptogen and antioxidant rich pick-me-up, best enjoyed hot or iced. To nurture the outer self, the scalp brush encourages tension release via a five step scalp massage.

The Sustain Me Kit is for those in search of:

  • Intensive hair growth & repair, with premium vegan supplement, Mane Event.
  • An easy-listening curation of lyrics & melodies to elevate the body, mind & soul. The ‘Sustain Me playlist’ is perfect for a long-distance drive or as uplifting background music, drawing from the Kings & Queens of Soul, Reggae, Jazz, Rhythm and Blues and Motown.

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The Sip Me Kit is for those in search of:

  • Stronger, thicker hair & follicle health, fuelled by the potent vegan proteins & collagen in Hair Food. Recipients prefer powder to capsules, and enjoy the idea of making supercharged shakes, protein balls, pancakes and more.
  • An uplifting curation of chords and the perfect soundtrack for sips, summer, socialising and movement. Harmonies and beats come together from around the world in the Sip Me playlist to fuel your day, wherever you are and elevate the body, mind & soul.

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Sustain me. Fuel me. Soothe me. Scrub me.