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We’ve compiled a list below of commonly asked questions/FAQs to help you navigate the apotecari bioactive hair care range. If your question doesn’t appear here, please contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

Apotecari’s Hair Atelier is suitable nutrition for all ages and health conditions. This Formulated Supplementary Food is designed to supplement a normal diet to address situations where intakes of energy and nutrients may not be adequate to meet an individual’s requirements.
Mane Event and Crowning Glory are intended for adults.

Apotecari Replenish Packs will decompose in home compost bins in 26 weeks. It will also break down if it gets thrown in the bin accidentally and it is also proven to break down if it ends up in the ocean.  Unlike Petrochemical based plastics, Apotecari’s home compostable Replenish Packs will start to biodegrade in the presence of microbes, moisture and oxygen at ambient temperatures. 

Being a bioactive range, Apotecari nutrition works to balance, restore and regenerate from within – a long-term program with ongoing results. To fully appreciate the difference, allow time for new hair growth. Within 3 months, you should notice a change in the condition, volume and overall health of your hair and scalp.

Our range delivers active constituents like antioxidants, carotenoids, vitamins, minerals, amino acids and essential fatty acids that encourage the hair and scalp to regenerate, hydrate, structurally-improve, nourish and shine.

To reach your optimal goal, consider the external treatments and topical products you’re pairing your inner nutrition with, along with stress release practices and a well balanced, nutritional program based on unprocessed, whole foods.

We’d recommend taking your Mane Event and Crowning Glory with your breakfast or lunch. Some people find that the B vitamins in these supplements can give them energy, so if you tend to be on the more sensitive side, it may be best not to take them before bed. Hair Atelier can be taken at any time of the day. If you’re powering your Apotecari supplementation and taking more than one product, for practicality’s sake, we’d recommend taking everything together, so you don’t miss a dose.

If you’re pregnant or breastfeeding, we recommend commencing your hair and scalp wellness regimen with Hair Atelier.
Hair Atelier is suitable through pregnancy and breastfeeding, and alongside other medications.
If you would like to introduce Crowning Glory or Mane Event to your regimen, we’d recommend doing so only under the supervision of a healthcare professional.
If you’re pregnant or breastfeeding, your baby is more susceptible to the chemicals you place on and in your body. Opt for products that care about both your wellbeing and your child’s.

100%. The Apotecari range supplements the body with targeted nutrition to support cases of poor hair and scalp health, slow growth and hair loss. The range is suitable for all genders.

For male (and female) pattern baldness, we recommend starting with a three-month course of our Power Couple. This Hair Atelier + Mane Event combination is scientifically-formulated to feed hair follicles, build and strengthen hair structures, increase weight and generate hair growth on your head using carefully-curated plant-based nutrition, all the while, giving a nod to your overall wellbeing.

Absolutely not! The Apotecari team are compassionate animal lovers. We would never test our products on our animal friends.

Yes. The entire Apotecari collection is certified vegan.

Apotecari’s Hair Atelier is suitable for all ages, genders and health conditions and can be taken with medications.
Mane Event and Crowning Glory should be taken under the supervision of a healthcare professional if you have a medical condition or are taking medications.

If taken according to our recommended dosage, each:
+ 60 capsule bottle or replenish pack will last 30 days (1 month)
+ 120 capsule bottle will last 60 days (2 months)
+ Hair Atelier bottle or replenish pack (180g) will last 30 days (1 month)

No, simply skip the dose that you missed and start again on the same bottle or replenish pack when possible.

Nope! Apotecari is designed to join your daily hair wellness ritual, amplifying it with inner nutrition. There are certain habits and treatments which can have a negative effect on your hair health which we’d recommend avoiding; things like heat over-styling and various chemical treatments. Collaborate with your hair stylist to create a personalised hair wellness plan looking at topical products, styling methods and nutritional support for your hair, to reach your goals. For a list of responsibly-trained Apotecari hair stylists to partner with, head here.

Yes. The Apotecari hair and scalp nutrition range has been scientifically formulated to be taken individually or together. In fact, Hair Atelier was formulated to amplify the results of Crowning Glory and Mane Event and to reach specific goals, are encouraged to be taken together. See our Kits and Gifts for combinations for specific goals.

Some people find that their urine turns bright yellow after taking B vitamins, specifically B2 (also called Riboflavin). Mane Event contains activated Vitamin B2 so it may turn your urine yellow. Always consult with a healthcare professional if you become concerned about the colour of your urine.

Side effects are uncommon and not expected for any Apotecari product. If you are concerned about an unusual symptom, please consult your healthcare professional, and let us know at hello@apotecari.com.au

Yes, the Apotecari range is completely gluten-free.

Yes! The Apotecari range is completely lactose-free.

Biophotonic glass, also known as Miron or Violet glass, is a type of deeply coloured, almost opaque glass which is energised by light and has outstanding capabilities of preserving substances contained within for extended periods of time.

Why is this important? It offers optimal protection against the deterioration caused by visible light, protecting and maintaining the quality of premium and sensitive substances.

The appreciation people have for the special protective qualities of violet glass can be traced back to ancient Egyptian civilisation. Even then, valuable essences and healing products were kept in gold and violet glass containers.

Violet glass is also environmentally friendly, won’t leak harmful toxins into your nutrition and is reusable and recyclable.

Apotecari’s Replenish Packs, designed to refill our signature biophotonic glass bottles, are made from home compostable materials.  This enviro-conscious technology won the Packaging Innovation Award at the 2019 Food and Beverage Industry Awards; another move in the war against waste.

None, the entire Apotecari range is about wellness and is preservative free. Our biophotonic glass packaging acts to preserve against deterioration from UV and is environmentally friendly, won’t leak harmful toxins into your nutrition and is reusable and upcyclable. Apotecari’s Replenish Packs also have a high barrier to oxygen and moisture for shelf-life confidence.

Plant-based supplementation works in the same way that nutrients work in food. Before the world’s first pharmaceutical factory in 1859, populations around the world relied on nature’s remedies to overcome conditions and ailments. Essentially, each of Apotecari’s formulations combines this millenia-refined traditional knowledge with modern science.
Our bodies absorb what they require. The antioxidants, minerals, amino acids, nutritional oils and vitamins in the Apotecari range are targeted to assist with scalp, skin and hair maintenance and cellular regeneration, and act as free radical protection.

Yes. Crowning Glory was specifically-formulated for scalp conditions and irritations. If you think about it, your scalp is made up of skin and our skin is considered one organ. If you suffer with skin irritations, the likelihood is that you suffer with scalp irritations. The ingredients in Crowning Glory have been selected for their anti-inflammatory properties (great for flare-ups), to restore a healthy balance of skin-nourishing oils (great for over-oily and dry scalps), and to mediate cell-turnover, which is great for sensitive scalps, regenerating health and structure.

The Apotecari range is an inner approach, feeding your body nutrition from within to support healthy growth. Coupling your hair nutrition with the right outer treatments will complement your results. The Apotecari hair nutrition range is suitable to be used alongside any shampoo, conditioner and treatment regimen.

Yes, Apotecari supplements have been scientifically formulated to be used alongside your normal hair and beauty products and treatments. If you’re not sure which topical products are best for you, collaborate with your hair stylist to create a personalised hair wellness plan, combining the topical products, styling methods and nutritional support for your hair. For a list of responsibly-trained Apotecari hair stylists to partner with, head here.

While supplements should never replace a balanced diet, we live in a fast-paced world where our diets may not provide adequate amounts of key nutrients.

With pace, stresses and exposure to daily pollution, our bodies have to work harder to remove potential threats. This can use up the valuable nutrients we store, and the ones we need to have every day as part of a balanced diet. It’s well documented that modern-day living can use up key nutrients that we need for health and wellness, which is why the Australian Government has set guidelines for the recommended daily intake of vitamins, minerals, and other essential nutrients.

In a 2017 survey undertaken by the Australian government, many Australians are not meeting their daily intake for some of the key vitamins required to be healthy. Supplements are an excellent way of boosting your nutritional intake of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients.

While defining the long term effects of using chemicals is impossible, we see and feel their side effects each day; whether in the city or the country, whether in our food or the products we use. As a direct result of environmental pollutants, we have seen an increase in allergies and sensitivities.

The more we can minimise chemicals and toxins, the better it is for our health and well-being and the environment. By choosing Apotecari as your hair and scalp nutrition, made in ethical environments using the best-quality ingredients for you, you can help alleviate any side effects, your impact and environmental footprint.

Exposure to small amounts of various toxins everyday accumulate in the tissues and organs of your body. Recent scientific studies show that a lot of chemicals are toxic even at very low doses. You’re better off avoiding unnecessary chemicals.

Trichology is the medical science which relates to the hair and scalp. It encompasses the study of diseases of the hair and scalp, including the cause(s) and potential treatment for these disorders.
The word “trichology” comes from the Greek word, ‘Trikhos’, meaning ‘hair’, and was first conceived as a specialty branch of study in Britain in the late 19th century. It then became a specific medical discipline in 1902.

Apotecari products are stable for 2-3 years from the date of manufacture. The expiry date is printed on the label of your bottle or replenish pack.

Absolutely not. Apotecari sources packaging from premium suppliers around the world to ensure that our high-quality products aren’t tainted by any harmful chemicals. You won’t find any Bisphenol A (BPA) in our biophotonic glass bottles, home compostable replenish packs or shakers.

We’ve seen excellent success with Mane Event for alopecia universalis. We recommend a minimum 6 month course, enabling your body to put this highly targeted nutrition to use. If you’re on medication/s, we recommend speaking with your healthcare practitioner prior to commencing your course of Mane Event. If you are on medication, we recommend Hair Atelier. Hair Atelier has been carefully formulated for people with medical conditions, sensitivities, on medications, or during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

When paired together in Apotecari’s Power Couple, Mane Event and Hair Atelier work intensively to amplify and accelerate results.

For those undergoing or having undergone chemotherapy, Hair Atelier is a suitable option delivering highly-targeted follicle, strand and scalp nutrition with:

  • three plant-based proteins
  • vegan collagen
  • a signature superfood blend
  • antioxidants and immunity boosting Vit C (25% of RDI per serve)
  • vitamins and minerals

If your healthcare practitioner is okay with you introducing other supplements to your regimen, we’d recommend pairing Hair Atelier with Mane Event to accelerate healthy hair growth, strength and thickness.

If you’ve found your scalp to have changed condition, and if it’s in need of balance or restoration, we’d recommend combining with scalp targeted nutrition Crowning Glory. 

Prior to commencing Mane Event or Crowning Glory, it’s important you get the ‘okay’ from your healthcare practitioner. Given we’re not in front of you and there are specialists who know your medical condition, history and medication prescriptions intricately, we kindly direct you to them to help you with any further questions.

All Apotecari supplements are very proudly Australian made.

Yes Apotecari Bioactive Hair Care is proudly Australian owned and operated.

Hair Atelier can be taken indefinitely.

Our Next Generation Mane Event and Crowning Glory have been recently relaunched with a boosted formulation containing our exclusive Hairtellectual® Hyaluronic Acid. The TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration) mandate that use of products containing Hyaluronic Acid should be limited to 3 months in duration. This said, there is evidence of safe use beyond that duration, therefore if you wish to continue using either Mane Event or Crowning Glory beyond 3 months, we recommend either breaking this up with 1 month of Hair Atelier, or consulting with your healthcare professional to confirm if prolonged use is appropriate for you.

Since its launch in 2019, Apotecari’s Hair Food® quickly became a cult favourite, selling out countless times. We’re embarking on exciting times, set to expand internationally, and with this, some alterations need to be made to comply with regulations in the regions we are expanding into. As such, Apotecari® have had to re-imagine the name of this game-changing product; Hair Food® is now known as Hair AtelierTM. You can expect the same exceptional product, taste and results with Hair AtelierTM.

Yes, Apotecari products are suitable for those who have had laser hair removal. There is no evidence to suggest taking Apotecari products will cause the growth of body hair.

No, there is no evidence to suggest that Apotecari products will stimulate the growth of body hair, nor have we received any customer reports of any such side effects.

The growth of body hair is hormonally-driven, whereas the growth of the hair on your head is impacted by hormones but is metabolically-driven. We made conscious decisions with our formulations to avoid ingredients (like Biota orientalis, Serenoa repens (Saw Palmetto) and Tribulus terrestris), which can have a significant impact on hormones, because these botanicals are only appropriate in some cases and we believe should be used under appropriate herbalist supervision. Rather, we focus on delivering metabolically-driven hair growth (i.e. to intensify hair growth on your head).


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