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Worth every dollar

A hairdresser friend recommended apotecari to me and I have always been sceptical of hair growth products, but this definitely is not a fad or quick money scheme, I have noticed my hair grow so much over the two months I have been using it, and other people have been commenting how thick and lovely my hair has been. (My hair just does not grow usually) – I highly recommend!

Kellie  |  5 days ago

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I had such good results from this product.

EJ  |  2 weeks ago

Crowning Glory  

Great results for damaged hair

I had great results after one month.

EJ  |  2 weeks ago

Crowning Glory  

highly recommended

I opted for the 3 month supply and I noticed a marked difference around the 8 week mark. My hair was stronger and not prone to breakage and loss was minimised. You need to be patient and use as directed.

Nora  |  2 weeks ago

A-Team Kit  


Bought as a gift and they loved the products!

EJ  |  2 weeks ago

Water Bottle  

Beach friendly

Perfect bottle to take to the beach as it has uv protection

Jenna  |  2 weeks ago

Mane Event  

fantastic results

As with any supplementation, this product takes 3 months or more for results to show. My hair is back to how it was pre-pregnancy, with an incredible shine. So happy!!

Nori  |  4 weeks ago

Crowning Glory  

Behold, my glorious hair!

I was dubious about taking a supplement for my hair, but after a shift in hormones my scalp was super dry and irritated and I was willing to give anything a go! Within a few weeks my scalp health was so much healthier and I’m sure that these supplements had a lot to do with it.

Tresna  |  4 weeks ago

Mane Event  

The only thing that works!

The best product! Thickens out my hair as I have significantly less hair on one side and it grows super fast, strong hair!

Anthea  |  1 month ago