Crowning Glory, Mane Event  

Must have in my Life

I use both Crowning Glory and Mane Event everyday to help keep my hair healthy and thick!!

Kat  |  7 hours ago

Crowning Glory, Mane Event  

I’ve never had long hair until now

8 months ago I started on my Apotecari- journey.
My hair was just past my shoulders, fine and fragile. With constant lightning and heat styling my hair was left in distress. It would grow slowly and then break off again. One month into taking the Mane Event religiously I noticed the weight of my hair, there was more strands and it had grown significantly. 8 months on and my hair is strong and super shiny, my scalp dryness and irritation has completely gone its grown so long. I still can’t believe its the same hair.

Lahnee  |  11 hours ago

Crowning Glory, Mane Event, Hair Food  

Hair Food

I have been using the three products for one month now and will be purchasing another two months supply.

Zoe  |  3 days ago

Mane Event  

This s*it works!!

I’ve never been one to religiously stick to a supplement product, because, well, I’m rushed enough of a morning and I really don’t have time to do ANYTHING else before I race out the door to get to work. BUT OH MY GOD, this stuff is worth the commitment!!
I’ve been using it for a month, and I’m actually so impressed. My hair has definitely grown, and I can see new baby hairs sprouting through. I also feel like my hair is shinier, and for someone who regularly heat treats their coloured hair, I don’t feel as bad using my curling or straightening iron… They smell a bit … (but don’t worry, it’s not going to make your breath smell like some other supplements do!). I’ve compared the ingredients list to other supplements of similar purpose, and I just think the inclusions, and apparent quality of these ingredients are pretty fantastic.
I’m a beautician by trade, and I’ve been um-ing and uhh-ing about hair supplements because there’s just so much rubbish out there that doesn’t live up to the claims, and simply isn’t worth the money spent. I like to invest in products that are actually effective, and man – this stuff is the ants pants! Even my hair dresser has noticed the difference! I’ve also convinced my mum and my sister to give it a try, and they’ve both placed orders for these supplements. Even if you don’t see the results immediately in your hair, there’s so many other added benefits to the ingredients in these little capsules. I’m hooked. And, yes, I’ve bought some more – two months supply this time!!

Jaki  |  3 weeks ago

Power Couple  

Noticeable difference

I have used both if these products and they have made my hair and skin look amazing. My skin has really improved.

BM  |  3 weeks ago

Mane Event  


I use this religiously! My hair has grown a lot since using this. It adds shine, it feels healthier and I notice far less breakage. Have gotten all of my friends onto this stuff. Highly recommend.

Laura  |  4 weeks ago

Water Bottle  


Love the look of this water bottle. Was worried about it being glass but it’s good quality and although it’s copped a few knocks it hasn’t broken or even chipped

Carly  |  4 weeks ago

Crowning Glory  

Great product (and supply)

Premium quality, science-backed ingredients, each Apotecari formulation is designed to get the best out of your hair. And this really does just that, dryness has definitely been addressed with these products, without overproducing oil. A true lifesaver of a kit

BM  |  4 weeks ago

Mane Event  

So far so good

I’ve been using this for almost a month now and so far so good! I can’t say I’ve seen much of a difference in growth, though my hair has felt thicker and healthier. I’m confident that these have made a difference and hope to start seeing growth soon!

Kim  |  1 month ago