Scalp brush

Not one for brushes etc but when I received an indulge him gift box I was pleasantly surprised with the scalp brush. Call me crazy but I’m using not just for my hair but everywhere it’s tops.

Stephen   |  2 months ago

Scalp brush

I received a indulge him gift box. All the products were top quality especially the scalp brush , generally im not a brush person but found this one soft and easy to use and not just for my hair my skin too.

Stephen   |  2 months ago

Hair Food is my favourite product and something I cannot live without   

Hair Food is my favourite product

Maria  |  2 months ago

Mane Event, Hair Food  

Highly recommend

I have been using Mane Event and Hair Food for several months now and the results have been immediate. The products have restored health and vitality to my hair. It also doesn’t hurt that the shakes are delicious and that the prices are so reasonable. Highly recommend Apotecari!

Luke  |  4 months ago

Mane Event  

Pregnancy & postnatal hair growth

I started using Mane Event in my third trimester after speaking with my healthcare practitioner as I wanted to be proactive with my hair care. I have continued to use Mane Event Post birth and I experienced great results. My hair has become noticeably thicker and has grown. I noticed this the most in my fringe, as I cut it shorter than planned and now it has already grown out ! I am now adding Hair Food into my regime and can’t wait to see the results.

Amy  |  4 months ago

Mane Event  

Love it

I have used this product twice now and love it. I use to have stubborn hair that never grew and constantly snapped around my face. I can now tie it back with no short pieces! Since taking Apotecari I have seen noticeable changes within weeks and people are constantly commenting on how quickly my hair grows especially being blonde.

Aliviah  |  8 months ago

Mane Event   

so happy I found your product!

I am literally so happy I found your product! After trying so many different supplements, this by far beats them all and actually shows results. The natural products in it are my favourite as it is also good for you! Thank you thank you!!! SO HAPPY! ❤️❤️

Dannie  |  8 months ago

Hair Food  

its the bee’s knees

Hands up if you love milkshakes and healthy hair 💁🏼‍♀️ @apotecaribioactivehaircare create beautiful hair from within with a carefully-curated unique and premium range of hair and skin nutrition! I’ve been taking the Strength + Amplify Hair Food and its the bee’s knees 👏🏼

Chelsea   |  9 months ago

Power Couple  

This stuff is incredible!

Highly recommend this. Started using it about a month ago as it was recommended to me by my hairdresser and the results have been amazing.

Marli  |  9 months ago