Everyone knows: the 15 minutes with your head in the sink at a spa or hair salon is the best part of your appointment.
There’s something incredibly liberating about releasing the tension held by the two muscles that comprise the scalp. But did you know that while massaging the scalp feels amazing, it actually has a number of other benefits, from exfoliating build-up to hair growth? These benefits build a strong case for introducing a scalp and shampoo brush to your personal care regimen – especially if you’re looking to elevate the overall health of your hair.

Scalp Brush

It’s like a salon or spa treatment – at home.

As trichologists, we can confirm that the scalp directly affects the health of the hair, and just like the skin on the face, it’s prone to getting clogged or damaged when facing external stressors.  The skin on the scalp ages 6 times faster than that on the face, so overlooking scalp care can be linked to premature ageing, dandruff, eczema, and in extreme cases hair loss.

Oxidative stress (partly responsible for strands turning silver) on the scalp can cause not only inflammation, but advanced ageing of the scalp, which can result in hair thinning and hair loss. Clogged follicles on the scalp can lead to breakage, dryness, and even hair loss.

This is why a scalp & shampoo brush can be so useful.

Also referred to as a ‘scalp brush’, a ‘shampoo brush’, a ‘scalp massage brush’, a ‘shower brush’, a Scalp & Shampoo Brush is a handheld brush specifically designed to scrub your scalp and hair during an application of serum, pre-shampoo, shampoo, scalp scrub, hair treatment or conditioner. When it comes to selecting yours, find one that ergonomically works with your hand – the better the grip, the more effective – and enjoyable – the treatment.

Apotecari’s 5-in-1 Scalp & Shampoo brush, so-called on account of its capabilities around (1) exfoliation, (2) massage, (3) detox, (4) detangling and (5) hair growth, is a water-safe ergonomically-designed round brush with silicone bristles. It’s great to ensure product is worked into the scalp and right down to the root of the hair, cleaning the scalp and taking exfoliation of dead skin cells to the next level. It’s use 1-2 times per week also increases blood circulation to the scalp which promotes a healthy environment for hair growth. If you happen to be taking a specialist scalp supplement to promote glossy, healthy hair and to prime the scalp for future healthy hair growth (highly recommended), or a hair growth or hair strengthening supplement that delivers targeted nutrition to your hair via the blood stream, you can appreciate that this increased circulation powers up that process.

How to use a Scalp & Shampoo brush for hair growth

Brushing the scalp is different to taking a comb to your strands; in order to reap all of the benefits of a scalp brush, Apotecari recommends:

Opt for a scalp brush that fits comfortably in your hand so you can easily work it over your head.

Not only functional, your Scalp and Shampoo brush should deliver an experience. Ease of use is critical here. Opt for something that works well in your hand versus something that requires thought and coordination of use that will make for a compromised experience. The Apotecari 5-in-1 Scalp & Shampoo brush was developed to achieve perfection in ergonomics, function and experience. Everything from the size and shape of the soft-yet-firm tip bristles to its snug fit in the hand was considered. Detangling, product distribution, scalp exfoliation (without overdoing it), eliminating breakage, and (of course) the massage component were all a part of the development process.

Scalp and Shampoo Brush

Bath or shower use

Your scalp and shampoo brush is intended to be used with product, increasing the effectiveness of product with the simultaneous benefits of a scalp exfoliation. Always use your scalp and shampoo brush in the shower or bath on wet, lathered up hair. How is this different to using the hands to massage product in? Using a scalp and shampoo brush increases capabilities of the product you’re using, with much greater coverage of the scalp and increased lathering of the product. The depth of cleansing you’re able to achieve with a scalp and shampoo brush far outperforms that of your fingers. Also consider that when we’re at-home relying on our own hands, we’re not able to achieve the angles or strength an educated stylist can achieve in-salon.

Bath and shower water will help get rid of everything that you’re exfoliating too, achieving a deeper clean.

Gentle, circular movement

When using the brush against the scalp, move it around in gentle, circular motions. Apotecari recommends taking 5 minutes to massage the entire scalp. If you have longer, we encourage this for general wellbeing. We tend to hold a lot of tension in these muscles and treating them with the scalp and shampoo brush can help in their release.


Treating yourself to a scalp massage is something we recommend 1-2 times a week. The more regularly you do it, the better results you’ll see in your hair health. For scalp and shampoo brush longevity, after each use, thoroughly clean your brush and leave it to air-dry.




Reinvigoration is two-fold, from the inside and out.

Designed to ease tension and detoxify, Apotecari’s 5-in-1 scalp & shampoo brush reinvigorates the outer being, exfoliating the scalp for a deeper clean of product build up, pollution, sweat, dirt & dead skin cells, for enhanced scalp & strand wellness. Increased blood flow to the scalp & hair root expediently delivers the nutrients in Apotecari’s specialist scalp supplement Crowning Glory® for optimal efficacy. Working to intensively hydrate & fortify the scalp from within, a daily dose of this targeted nutrition contains the finest-quality, scalp-nurturing ingredients to reveal your healthiest scalp & strands yet.



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