The ‘Why’ behind ‘My Hair Analysis’ for Business

“I believe we simply cannot be an effective partner unless we put ourselves where you are”, says Simone Abaron, Founder, CEO and Head Formulator of Apotecari Bioactive Hair Care.  

“We hear your stories, we feel your pain”, she continued, in solidarity with the businesses and professionals feeling the impacts of a worldwide pandemic. 

“Countless business owners fail at hearing and at feeling, and I didn’t want to be one of them. You know, gone are the days where we could walk into our place of work and expect to have these face-to-face conversations with people – and that’s hard for an industry that’s traditionally excelled face-to-face. The world moved online when COVID entered it, and so many of you made that shift, but it’s not the same.

So we’ve made it our mission each passing day for the past 18 months, to shift this intimacy and connection that you get face-to-face to online for our stockists. ‘How can we create something powerful and emotionally-compelling?’, we’ve asked ourselves. ‘How can we motivate [our partners’] sales?’. ‘Where can innovation be born here?’.

The answer?  My Hair Analysis….”

18 months,
a lifetime of change

The challenges and opportunities posed by restrictions, unpredictable lockdowns and changing consumer behaviours in the past 18 months have taken many businesses and salons to the edge. Many of you might have shifted to the online world, or worked to grow your digital channels while others have re-evaluated business models in a bid to manage snap lockdowns and evolving restrictions.

Consumers too have changed; their interest in ‘self-care’, their online purchasing habits and a general adaptation to ever-changing ‘new normals’ have seen a seismic shift in the way they engage with businesses and plan for the future.

We’ve seen uncertainty bring about stress and fatigue, but we’ve also seen the growth of incredible relationships, fresh ideas and unique offerings for the business and consumer worlds.

Opportunity follows struggle

At Apotecari, we note these significant changes in consumer habits and understand the need for industry professionals to adapt, ourselves included. We’ve seen the challenges being faced by hair, beauty and wellness advocates nationwide and have been working steadily to create a digital tool that can support your business through lockdown and beyond.

A solution, wherever your clients are

A few taps provide a naturopath and trichologist backed recommendation for men and women of any age, stage, and hair condition.

My Hair Analysis assesses your clients’ lifestyle, hair condition, goals and diet and, combined with advanced algorithms, provides the most intuitive and beneficial hair care programme where inner hair care is married with outer acts of nurture.

Whether you’re with your clients face-to-face or have shifted to online, My Hair Analysis brings a new opportunity to businesses, enhancing the client experience, building sales and creating certainty of product selection to yield maximum results for your clients.

The benefits, summarised.

✅   Assesses your client’s lifestyle, hair condition, goals and diet to provide an individual score and hair care recommendation in real time

The algorithms that sit behind ‘My Hair Analysis’ were built by Apotecari naturopaths, nutritionists, and trichologists, and some very savvy developers. This ensures results are responsible and as suitable to the user as humanly possible.

✅   Take the guesswork out of recommending the best inner hair care for each client. In less than 3 minutes, My Hair Analysis provides a naturopath and trichologist backed recommendation for men and women of any age, stage, and hair condition.

Perfect to enhance your consultation process with a deeper understanding of your client. Use this recommendation to inform your advice and for your clients’ best chance at results.

✅   Save time in the consultation process.

Great for busy teams and new team members.

✅   Endless opportunities to engage: ‘My Hair Analysis’ can be used whether your clients are in-salon or at home.

Use it to support re-engagement and new business strategies.

To support you in connecting with those at home, the Apotecari team has created introductory email templates to extend ‘My Hair Analysis’. All you need to do is prepare their recommendation.

✅   Complimentary to Apotecari stockists

✅   Supports wellbeing, client interaction and purchases

✅   Easy access: Aesthetically-designed signage is complimentary on sign-up and directs clients to ‘My Hair Analysis’ in your space. If you’re operating remotely, a link takes clients directly to your interface.

✅   Enjoy ongoing support from the Apotecari team

Build sales and relationships,
wherever your clients find themselves.