The best way to maintain a long and fulfilling career as a hair stylist is continuing education. Of the many possible areas of learning, trichology is one of the best ways to help clients overcome  sometimes crushing hair conditions. The condition of our hair and scalp affects the way we feel about ourselves overall. Hair loss or chronic conditions like psoriasis can lead to low self-esteem, isolation and even depression. A great haircut can boost a client’s confidence, but healthy hair can change a person’s life.

As a hair stylist, being able to incorporate Trichology principles in your salon will allow you to harness more creative opportunities and gain a competitive edge, to help your salon stand out from the crowd. It will also allow you to tailor your service offerings for clients with hair and scalp concerns, to avoid nasty reactions to services and deliver the best results possible for these clients.

Trichology, the science of the human scalp and hair, goes far beyond treating male and female pattern baldness.  Acute and chronic hair loss, eczema, dermatitis and folliculitis are just a few of the conditions that clients seek treatment from a Trichologist for.

Trichologists are trained to treat hair loss and other conditions of the hair and scalp from a holistic approach. A client consults with a trichologist in the same way they would consult with a dermatologist if they were having skin problems. After a thorough examination that includes learning about the client’s health history, environmental conditions, lifestyle and genetics, a trichologist may perform a hair analysis to help diagnose the problem. A microscopic analysis shows structural damage to the hair, confirms any lice or fungus presence and establishes a baseline for hair loss. A mineral analysis may also be utilized to measure minerals in the hair. Levels of copper, zinc, calcium, magnesium, chromium, aluminum, mercury and lead that are too high or too low may indicate more serious medical problems. All of these issues play a part in the health of hair and scalp.

After assessing the problem, a trichologist is able to provide a treatment program based on the needs of each individual. Advice on lifestyle changes, nutrition and which hair supplements would be the most effective is provided to the client to achieve the best possible outcome. The expertise of a trichologist also helps improve the physical and emotional health of their clients.

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