If you’ve experienced the surprise appearance of that single silver strand or the takeover of grey roots, you may be considering your next plan of attack.

Whether it be locating your single strand in the mirror, followed by an abrupt pull to remove your unwanted guest, upping the frequency of salon visits to cover your roots, cappin’ it while you grow those bad boys out, or embracing the inevitable,  we’re here to help you navigate this unchartered territory.

 “One day you will look back and see that all along you were blooming.” – Morgan Harper Nichols


Greying affects most women in their mid-30s depending on ethnicity [1], however, this number is drastically decreasing with 65% of women who believe 2020 aged them more than ever before as a result of pandemic stress[2].

Greying can be caused by a multitude of factors, including; genetics, poor hair & scalp health, nutritional gaps in diet, stress, or natural ageing, and while often unavoidable, it can absolutely be slowed with proper care. By filling nutritional gaps and replenishing hydration and oil levels to the hair follicle from within, you can slow the process and make grey hair less visible.


If embracing the grey is not on your to-do list for 2023, we have good news for you. A study shows that going grey as a result of genetics accounts for as little as 30%[1], which means you can take the control back with the right tools and a little extra effort.

Here are our top tips for keeping the grey at bay:

  • Proper sleep in an effort to reduce stress levelsOne of the primary reasons for greying is stress. “Acute stress induces hyperactivation of the sympathetic nervous system to release large amounts of the neurotransmitter norepinephrine. Norepinephrine drives rapid depletion of melanocyte stem cells and hair greying.”[4]. Stress is often triggered from lack of, or improper sleep, as the body signals a sign of distress. So by getting sufficient and proper sleep, you may reduce cortisol levels, calm the nervous system and reduce stress to maintain hair melanin to slow the onset of grey hair.
  • Embrace a healthy, Balanced Diet – Grey hair is commonly a sign of nutritional deficiency. By incorporating nutrient rich foods into your diet such as leafy green vegetables, legumes and fermented foods, which are rich in protein, iron, folate, vitamins, calcium, and probiotics, all essential for healthy hair, you can slow the process of greying and achieve optimal hair health.
  • Eliminate free radical damagePollution found in the environment is not only harmful to our internal organs and system, but also damages the melanin found in hair follicles, which reduces pigment to the hair strands, so the hair successively starts to appear white. By protecting the hair from within and topically, you can shield the follicle against impurities and prevent free radical damage. We recommend products rich in vitamin C & E, effective antioxidants for fighting free radicals.
  • Use heat styling tools less frequently – Excess exposure to UV and heat styling tools can dehydrate and damage the hair causing it to lighten over time. While it’s not always realistic to completely cull heat styling and UV exposure altogether, we recommend using heat protecting products while doing so to reduce the risk of premature grey hair. This can be in the form of supplementation and protection from within, as well as topical heat protectant sprays and hats.
  • SupplementSupplementation that contains the right potent and bioavailable ingredients that your body will absorb, can support nutrition, hydration, antioxidant levels and the growth of healthy follicles for slowing grey hair and encouraging healthy hair and natural ageing.

Enter Crowning Glory & Hair Food

Crowning Glory is our hydration hero, containing nourishing oils, vitamins and minerals specifically formulated to support natural ageing, plump the hair to protect melanin supply and replenish hydration levels to heat exposed hair.

Hair Food, formulated to support hair structure, and follicle health contains potent amounts of vitamin C to protect the hair from free radical damage and provide the building blocks for strong, healthy hair and slowed signs of ageing. This vegan superfood supplement can be consumed while pregnant, breastfeeding or while on medication.



However, if one of your goals for the New Year is embracing all that makes you, you, and with that your new crown of silver, then you’re right on schedule, because going grey in 2023 is predicted to be one of the on-trend colours for the year[3].

While the decision is a relief and somewhat invigorating, the practicality is often what trips us up. The reality is, that once we make the decision to embrace the grey, we don’t automatically gain a full head of perfectly grown-out, proportioned silver locks. It takes time. Time that requires patience through the moments of dislike and doubt. As the classic saying goes, you need to experience the storm to appreciate the rainbow.

So here are some ways to help you wade the metaphoric storm:

  • Get the chop A fresh chop will go a long way in boosting your confidence and hitting reset on your look. We recommend something choppy and layered to complement the potentially uneven growth of silver strands.
  • Shave it all – While very daunting, shaving your hair makes the ultimate statement. The risk is worth the reward as you’ll avoid regrowth and the various stages that may take you through.
  • Highlight – Adding lighter or artificial grey highlights to your hair may soften the regrowth and help you achieve an overnight completed look. This approach takes a little more effort and may take a little extra time for your hair to be completely natural in colour, but it does make the transition less daunting and the various stages of growth more bearable.
  • Add extensions – Similarly to adding highlights, adding grey extensions to your hair will soften the regrowth line as it blends with the natural hair. Applying extensions to the layer of hair just below the top layer will create an even more natural look as they grey will peak through as it moves naturally.
  • Wear it wavyA wavy style will give the illusion of better-blended colour. It removes the very visible regrowth line and shows off a more rugged, natural and effortless look.
  • Tone it downApplying a toner to the natural grey growth doesn’t remove it but rather softens the colour, leaving a less harsh difference between the roots and the ends.
  • Get there faster – By incorporating a growth supplement, you can achieve your natural grey locks in no time.

Enter Mane Event, our intensive hair growth supplement formulated to repair damage and support the growth of healthy hair. By adding this nutrient-dense formulation to your daily regimen, the essential vitamins and minerals will support the greying process by keeping your natural hair hydrated and healthy while helping you grow it out faster.



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