The modern hair stylist needs to know both the science and art, that is the biology and aesthetics, of hair care. Since healthy hair starts from the inside, fueling the body with a strategic combination of nutrients is the most effective way to truly have a vibrant head of hair that can be moulded and shaped into the work of art that you really want. Nobody knows this science and art better than Sydney’s own Simone Abaron, founder of apotecari, Australia’s only range of salon exclusive bioactive hair care supplements.

After losing sleep over brittle, damaged hair from excessive chemical treatments, Simone decided to put her expertise to use by developing a hair supplement that would not only help the issues she had with her own hair but also the countless women just like her. A qualified Naturopath, Nutritionist, and Herbalist with an Associate Certificate in Trichology, Simone brings an unparalleled combination of passion, enthusiasm and knowledge to the apotecari range of exclusive hair care supplements.

With apotecari, hair stylists and salon owners know they are recommending a brand that is a perfect coupling of scientific research and testing with traditional wisdom. At apotecari, the mission is to provide scientifically formulated, innovative and, most importantly, clinically effective hair supplements that can make a tangible difference in a person’s hair and, therefore, their life.

Beautiful, healthy hair inspires confidence and a positive self-esteem. As part of a complete, wholistic approach to healthy hair that includes a nutritional foundation through proper diet, apotecari wants to revolutionise the way hair health is achieved. With an emphasis on this nutrition-based philosophy, apotecari knows that healthy hair and the confidence it inspires all start from the inside.

This winter, apotecari’s founder, Simone Abaron, will be speaking at the 2017 Hair Expo Australia in Sydney, June 10 to 12. Order tickets in advance to hear Simone speak live at the Expo as apotecari makes its long-awaited debut.


apotecari bioactive hair care is Australia’s first and only range of salon-exclusive dietary supplements that are scientifically formulated to improve hair and scalp health. Backed by over 50 years of research, the apotecari philosophy is to combine scientific knowledge and traditional wisdom to create clinically effective, innovative, bioactive, and quality hair care products that are dedicated to help consumers feel beautiful and confident from the inside out.

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