The artist formerly known as Hair Food®…

Introducing Hair Atelier™

Where Artistry Meets Hair Care: Discover Hair Atelier™

Since its launch in 2019, our product Hair Food® quickly became a cult favourite, selling out countless times. The first (and remains the only one) of its kind, this vegan, cruelty-free smoothie works to strengthen, build, thicken and reinforce the hair structure from within. As a brand, we are embarking on exciting times, set to expand into internationally, and with this, some alterations need to be made to comply with local regulations. As such, we have had to re-imagine the name of this game-changing product.

Taking inspiration from the creativity and expertise of artistic genius’, Hair Atelier™ is born, a nod to the masterful naturopath and trichologist-developed formulations which Apotecari® is known and loved for, and the hair masterpieces they create. Rejoice, the artist formerly known as Hair Food® is reborn! Cue the references to purple (or more accurately pink) rain, royalty, and artists who change their name to a symbol- we’re here for it all.

Supports stronger, thicker and healthier hair

Thanks to the precise combination of 3 plant-based proteins, hair boosting superfood blend, vitamins and minerals, Hair Atelier™ supports hair health, fullness and resilience. Say goodbye to brittle, limp, and lacklustre locks and hello to a strong, thick and healthy mane.

A great source of Protein and Vitamin C, the building blocks of collagen and keratin

Apotecari’s proprietary blend of plant-based proteins provide the body with the building blocks of keratin, essential for the structural integrity of the hair. With natural sources of Vitamin C from Australian native Kakadu plum and Acerola cherry, and enriched with buffered vitamin C (read: gentle on the digestive system), this powerhouse vitamin is not only a potent antioxidant but is also core to the production of collagen and cross-linking of keratin fibres. This translates into hair and scalp strength, resilience, and elasticity.

Same exceptional product, taste and results.

A refreshing fusion of berry and pomegranate, and the perfect daily addition to your favourite plant-based milk, coconut water, yoghurt or smoothie, Hair Atelier™ will surprise and delight your taste buds all whilst feeding and nourishing the hair. Hair Atelier™ is pregnancy and breastfeeding friendly, suitable for those with autoimmune challenges and perfect for those who experience difficulty swallowing capsules.


The reviews say it all.


“An absolutely outstanding product, made with the highest quality ingredients from Australia. I noticed a difference in as little as four weeks. My hair which has always struggled to grow and has been so thin due to years of damage has finally come back to life. Not only does this product help with hair strength and thickness, it tastes amazing too and I have also noticed a difference in my skin. If you have been sitting on the fence about trying this product, you will not be disappointed.”

“I’ve had such a great experience with Apotecari products! It tastes great and I take it in the morning, so it sets me up for a fantastic day. Since I’ve been using the supplement, I’ve mostly noticed all the hair growth. I’ve had so many baby hairs growing everywhere. Friends and family have noticed all the new growth too. Can’t wait to continue my journey”

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“Happiness & confidence are the prettiest things you can wear.”
Taylor Swift


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