The next generation in hair & scalp wellness: Introducing Crowning Glory® 2.0


Crowning Glory enters a new era

Our cult favourite Crowning Glory® has received an impressive boost!

The original Crowning Glory® formulation is iconic and has helped so many people to reach their hair and scalp goals since its launch in 2017. When making any changes to such a well-loved formulation, it was essential that any formulation updates enhance and amplify the already incredible results that were being achieved by the original formulation.

Formulation updates enhance and amplify the already incredible results that were being achieved by the original formulation.

Crowning Glory® addresses the needs of the scalp as the basis of healthy hair. Soothing, nourishing and conditioning, this nutrient-rich formula works hard from within to support the outer look and feel of the scalp.


“Since launching, our pioneering spirit has continued to fuel our quest to lead the ingestible hair care category through expertise, innovation, research, advancements in ingredient design, and ingredient approvals coming out of Australia’s Therapeutic Goods Administration.”

Simone Abaron, CEO & Head formulator of Apotecari

So, what’s new?


We’ve added Apotecari’s exclusive Hairtellectual® Hyaluronic Acid for an extra hydration boost. Like a tall drink of water for thirsty strands and a flaky scalp, Hairtellectual® imparts maximum moisture to the scalp and creates hydrated, soft, touchable, plump and resilient strands.


After more than 4 years of research and development, Crowning Glory® is now proudly Certified Vegan and contains no allergens, making the formulation more accessible to more people. Apotecari is now proudly a certified vegan brand and will continue to develop extraordinary formulations with this objective at the fore. 


The addition of omega-rich fermented microalgae is like a spring clean for your scalp, fortifying against inflammation and excess sebum. Crowning Glory® now contains more scalp health (and skin-loving!) ingredients such as Lycopene and Vitamins C & E in its already comprehensive formulation.

Of Apotecari’s revised Crowning Glory formulation Simone says “It’s hard to pick a favourite upgrade! Hairtellectual® is our premium and exclusive hyaluronic acid addition and this ingredient is incredible when it comes to locking in moisture and hydrating the hair and scalp. We’re also excited to announce that all our Apotecari formulations are now certified by Vegan Australia, we’re very proud of these updates. It’s not easy to create a vegan capsule to contain an oily formulation, but we’ve done it.” 

All of our Apotecari formulations are now proudly certified as Vegan by Vegan Australia.

Redefining scalp wellness

Simone Abaron, Apotecari’s founder and chief formulator harnessed her extensive trichology and herbalist knowledge to craft a revised Crowning Glory formulation that begins a new era in scalp and hair health. 

Simone says “It’s at the heart of what we do. We create efficacious products that work from within to nurture, nourish and care from the inside out. When you create an exceptional foundation for a healthy, balanced scalp, the results translate not only to a lack of flakes and itch, but to shiny, and hydrated hair, too.”

To nourish and reset your scalp for optimal hair health, Crowning Glory should be taken daily for a continuous three month period. This allows not only the initial comfort of the scalp to be restored but for oil balance to stabilise and hair growth to flourish.

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