Are you considering hair extensions and want to know how they’ll affect your hair and scalp? Perhaps you’re a long-time extension user looking to address a few concerns you may be noticing. We take a look at how hair extensions and professional hair supplements can equal a match made in heaven.

What are the pros of hair extensions?

Hair extensions can subtly or dramatically enhance the look of your hair and can be tailored specifically to your goals. It goes without saying that aside from the time in the chair, growth, thickness, volume and shine are yours in next to no time! Hair extensions may be suitable for a single event, or they may be your new norm so finding a stylist to get it right first time is essential.

The choice to include hair extensions into your routine can lead to a dramatic boost in self-confidence. The added benefit of choice when it comes to what type of extensions (natural, synthetic, glue-in, keratin bond, sew-in or tape in) also means you’re likely to find an extension solution to meet your budget.

As your bank balance allows, we recommend sourcing and using the best quality you can afford to ensure your new set of extensions last the distance.

What are some common extension ‘annoyances’?

Your hair extension professional should provide education and proper maintenance of healthy hair while wearing extensions. Generally, when problems arise it can be due to improper application or a lack of considered after-care.

In some cases, problems can include scalp itchiness and pain, allergic reactions or dermatitis. Due to the extra weight, pressure or application, hair can weaken at the root leading to enhanced hair fall.

How do you keep hair extensions healthy?

Your stylist should provide you with detailed instructions on how to wash, dry, style, sleep, and care for your gorgeous extensions. Follow these instructions as best you can so you protect your investment, your scalp and your natural hair.

Proper aftercare is absolutely essential

Our top tips include;

  • Brush hair from the ends, working slowly up to the root area. Use the correct brush and method depending on the type of extensions you have
  • Wash the hair gently and work the shampoo between the bonds using your fingers
  • Only apply conditioner from the mid-lengths to the ends
  • Use heat protectants but avoid hairspray
  • Take care when blow-drying not to apply too much pressure to the strands
  • Plaiting or gently braiding your hair prior to sleep
  • Never go to sleep with wet hair

When it comes to products, use only the best sulphate-free shampoo you can afford (or has been recommended by your stylist), and use heat protectants prior to styling. For brushing and styling, invest in a natural bristle paddle brush or loop brush.

When it comes to sleeping, a gentle, luxurious silk pillow slip is a must!

Why take hair growth supplements if I have extensions?

It may not seem obvious at first but one of the best things you can do to protect your extension investment is to nurture your hair and scalp from within.

How Apotecari can help

Hair extensions can be a fabulous way to achieve your desired hair length and volume, but it’s crucial to maintain the health of your natural hair. This will firstly compliment the lovely extensions you’ve had installed, but also to give yourself the option of taking the extensions out in future if you wish, without much fuss.

If you’ve chosen to have hair extensions installed to give you instant length and volume, a powerful supplement such as Mane Event will help to boost your natural hair growth and thickness. This professionally developed formulation helps push through growth barriers and helps address areas of nutritional shortfall with a dual amino acid combination of cysteine and methionine, the main building blocks of keratin.

To support oil production which can get out of whack, Crowning Glory is the ultimate balancer. This incredible formulation helps restore hydration equilibrium to your scalp. Further, for anyone who experiences itch, flakes or sores because of their extensions, this incredible formula helps soothe and quash the inflammation and itch, while reducing flakiness.

To strengthen hair that may become weakened over the course of your extensions, or if this is indeed the reason for getting hair extensions installed in the first place, Hair Atelier provides protein and amino acids to boost the strength, thickness and health of your hair, while antioxidants encourage healthy hair follicles and vitamin C supports collagen production.

Do hair extensions stop hair growth?

No, hair extensions don’t stop hair growth however if applied incorrectly or not cared for appropriately, hair can weaken at the root and fall out, and can cause structural weakness of the strands as well, resulting in breakage. In such cases when you remove the extensions you may experience reduced hair density, volume and condition.

To ensure hair grows to the best of its ability with extensions, dietary intake of suitable nutrients is key.

  • Boost your biotin – This water-soluble B vitamin encourages hair and scalp health while encouraging hair growth. You’ll find biotin in Apotecari’s Mane Event formulation.
  • Support your collagen – Upping your vitamin C intake is an effective way to support your body’s own collagen production. Collagen is important at the scalp to ensure strong, healthy strands. Hair Atelier contains natural vitamin C making it suitable for daily supplementation.
  • Up the omegasCrowning Glory is loaded with premium vegetarian omega 3 and 6. These support hair and scalp hydration and are potent anti-inflammatory compounds.
  • Add antioxidants – you’ll find antioxidants such as zinc and selenium in all Apotecari formulations to reduce free radical damage to hair at the root.

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