You want hair gains, and you want them now! We hear you and we know what it feels like to want results fast. Read on to understand what to expect when you commence Apotecari supplementation and how long until you can expect to see results.

Have you’ve ever experienced a hair disaster, think; bad chop, post-bleach breakage, a straightening treatment gone wrong or permanent colour you’re desperate to say good-bye to? Then you’ll know the feeling of wanting to hit fast forward on your hair growth. Perhaps you have an important event on the horizon, or a recent bout of hair loss that has left you feeling self-conscious and in need of a fix?

Whatever your motivation, we explore the time to results, nutrient deficiencies, quality supplementation and how a consistent routine can get you there faster.

You are a unique individual

That goes without saying! However, this is also important when it comes to supplementation.  Everyone’s genetics, lifestyle, diet, digestive system and nutritional deficiencies can vary.

Taking a well-rounded yet potent supplement is a huge step forward. A professionally developed, complex growth formula has a greater chance of aligning the correct nutrient supplementation with your particular nutritional gaps. Premium formulations do so with high quality nutrients at doses that are meaningful to your body. With single ingredient or overly-simple formulations there’s a greater chance that you may miss the nutritional mark. On the flip side, be mindful that excessive ingredient lists may not contribute adequate levels of nutrients to make enough difference in your situation.

Supplementation can help fill nutritional gaps, helping to reach hair and scalp goals sooner

Take what you need, when you need it

It makes sense to take a formulation that is specific to the area you wish to improve. Apotecari supplements have been created, developed, and formulated with targeted hair solutions in mind. The nutrients, fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, herbs and botanical extracts within each formula are designed to complement one another and boost hair and scalp health, according to the formulation’s purpose.

Apotecari’s My Hair Analysis online hair assessment tool provides you with a naturopath and trichologist-backed hair care recommendation. Based on your lifestyle, and hair goals, My Hair Analysis will identify the correct fit from the Apotecari range. A perfect fit will help you reach your goals sooner. To learn more about My Hair Analysis and to complete the free quiz, click here.

Created to be combined or layered according to your specific needs

Consistency is key

Same time, same place, every day. A supplement routine is only as good as your memory and let’s face it, who doesn’t need some help in that department! Enter habit stacking…your new bestie. Want to create some automation with your new routine? By linking or ‘stacking’ your new supplement routine to a daily habit that’s already ingrained (such as brushing your teeth), you’ll have a better chance of remembering those supplements.

Habit stacking can help ensure your supplement routine becomes truly automated

Set and forget

Speaking of memory, topping up or remembering to pick up your supplements at the perfect time before the bottle runs out can be frustrating. Apotecari’s concierge subscription service has been created for this very reason. By signing up, you’ll receive your chosen supplements to your door and at the perfect time, keeping you on track to your hair goals.

So…how long will it take?

By following the above steps, ensuring consistency, and taking a quality supplement in line with your existing lifestyle and hair goals, you can expect to see results from about 4 to 6 weeks. While some people see results sooner, realistically, the 4-6 week mark allows enough time for your body to adjust to the changes. By 3 months, you’ll be well on your way to achieving your hair goals.

For an event such as an upcoming wedding, we recommend commencing a routine at least 6 months out. This helps to not only correct deficiencies but to reap the full benefits of the supplementation, particularly if length is a goal.

Mane Event progress at the 60 day mark

What can I expect when taking Apotecari?

Depending on your situation and goals, as well as the Apotecari products you’ve selected, the correct supplement routine can see dramatic changes to scalp and hair health. Reduced flaking, oil balance, enhanced thickness or pushing through growth barriers are possible with the right products in your corner. You can read more about selecting the right Apotecari product and what to expect, here.

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