In the midst of winter,
I found there was within me,
an invincible summer.

Albert Camus

In the cooler months, we see increased dehydration of the skin and hair due to heating, lower humidity and wind exposure.  As temperatures drop, our circulation starts to slow and with it, the delivery of nutrients to our scalp and hair follicles.  As a result, hair growth slows and we start to see an increase in parched skin, a flaky scalp, hair dryness, static and frizz, and our strands are more susceptible to damage and breakage.

Particularly during the winter season, nurturing your scalp and hair is one of the most — if not the most — significant steps in a conscious self-care regimen. Importantly, the right regimen will prevent the winter-evident dehydration and dandruff, but chiefly, striking that delicate balance of nourishing oils is essential to combat the signs of ageing.

When we speak about the signs of ageing, we typically talk about skin. We talk about dark spots and wrinkles and changes in skin moisture and elasticity.  But did you know that our scalp ages too?  Being one organ, our skin includes the scalp, so this may come as no surprise.  The scalp ages six times faster than facial skin.  Some skin experts claim that those wrinkles on your face are caused by your ageing scalp; that as we age and as the scalp becomes thinner and loses its elasticity, being connected to the skin on your face, if your scalp starts to sag, that pull of gravity can extend to the rest of your face.  The fate of an ageing scalp extends to both men and women and can lead to hair thinning, greying and declined hair health – but doubly provides motivation to nurture our scalps, especially during these cooler months when they’re most vulnerable.

Your winter routine shouldn’t stop at your face and hair. Your scalp needs just as much (if not more) TLC as the skin on your face and body and hair on your head.

When it comes to hair care and hydration most people go straight for the strands. After all, a soft head of hair equates to a healthy head of hair, right?
Not quite.
Hair care, and especially hair hydration, in many cases starts from the root – the scalp.

Our scalp and strands are nourished by sebum, the substance produced by the body’s sebaceous glands to coat, moisturise and protect your skin, scalp and hair.  It’s also the main ingredient in what you might think of as your body’s ‘natural oils’.  With winter dehydration, we see a decline in sebum and with it, its benefits. Simultaneously, the necessity for acts of skin support increases. As we age, both men and women experience fluctuations and then a reduction of sebum secretion; one study showing a significant reduction of scalp sebum secretion of women in their 40s compared to women in their 20s.

So, how do you take care of your hair and scalp to minimise the harsh realities of winter – and ageing – and prevent damage?

  1. Hydrate

Artificial heat at this time of year reduces the moisture in the air, and with it, the moisture in our skin and hair. Warm or icy, still or sparkling, with a squeeze of lemon or simply pure, however you like it, drink up and drink often for the sake of your skin, scalp, digestion and mind. Our sense of thirst changes in winter too; too often we find we’ve gone hours without a glass of water. Try to be more conscious of your water intake, enjoying it in abundance.

  1. Massage

A gentle scalp massage – while shampooing, working or unwinding – can help to stimulate the production of natural oils of the scalp, extending to the hair, and increase blood flow towards the hair follicles. This in turn helps your follicles to receive more nutrients and promote hair growth, especially important in these cooler months.

  1. Scalp supplements

Combat the effects of the cooler months with targeted scalp and hair nutrition that replenishes, hydrates and nurtures from within.

The targeted supplements in Apotecari’s HYDRATION STATION KIT and WINTER MANE KIT have been curated to support the body in cooler climates, delivering nutrition for:

  • scalp and hair hydration
  • healthy skin promotion
  • strengthened hair structures
  • hair and skin anti-ageing
  • immune support

These secret weapons in the war against winter hair, ageing and a dry itchy scalp are potent, replenishing formulas without preservatives. A daily dose provides your skin and scalp with nourishing amino acids, plant actives, vitamins and minerals to support hydration and keep flakiness at bay.


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