Welcome to apotecari. After years of work, crafting our product range and brand we are finally here! It’s been such an incredibly rewarding journey getting to this point, and I am personally so proud of myself along with our team for creating products that are truly inventive, beautiful and therapeutically active. Most importantly, the work we have done has set us up as a business which is built on integrity, research, education, and a whole lot of love.

The kicker for us is that our business hasn’t even officially launched, but we’ve already been recognised for our research and considerable expertise by our industry partners. While we’re certainly not here for fame or fortune, being asked by Hair Expo 2017 to deliver an educational session on the relationship between Nutrition and Hair Health is the ‘cherry on top’ for us.

My hope is that you enjoy your apotecari journey as much as we have. Here’s to a future filled with beautiful, healthy hair!

Lots of love,


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