Hair Atelier™ is the ultimate in flexible, versatile and delicious hair care. Suitable for a vast range of people, including pregnant or breastfeeding women, if you’re curious about what 3 months of Hair Atelier™ will look like, read on!

Measuring your progress:

When you start Apotecari, we recommend these simple tips to help measure your progress.

Take the following measurements monthly, starting on day one. As time goes on, compare your progress to the results from the previous month and continue to track over 90 days.

  1. In good lighting, take close-up photos of your scalp along your part, at your hairline, and from the back of your head.
  2. Measure your hair length from the nape of your neck to its ends.
  3. Take a note of your current hair fall such as in the shower or when brushing
  4. We recommend this quick hair porosity test

Month 1

Day 1 – The true beauty of Hair Atelier™ lies in its flexibility in use. Whether you love to take it the same way every day or prefer to mix it up, your daily hair care supplement never needs to be boring. Once you’ve unboxed your Hair Atelier™, store it in a cool, dry place, ideally somewhere you’ll be reminded to take it each day.

Your journey to stronger, thicker and healthier hair has now begun, how exciting!

During this first month, you’ll be topping up your body’s protein levels each day to provide the building blocks your body needs to produce healthy and strong hair.

Areas of nutritional shortfall are being addressed. Vitamin C to support your body’s collagen production, zinc to promote healthy hair formation and follicle health, and silica to support the structural integrity of the hair.

Powerful phytocompounds are being supplied to your body thanks to Australian native superfoods such as Davidson plum, Quandong (native peach), Kakadu plum, along with Acerola cherry, sea buckthorn and beetroot.

While you can’t see this change, the dietary antioxidants start to reduce the damage to hair from free radicals at the root.

Congratulations, you have primed your body and the best benefits are yet to come! This is only the beginning.

Month 2

By month 2, daily Hair Atelier™ should feel like a natural part of your routine. Whether it’s a daily bliss ball, an indulgent Hair Atelier™ latte or a simple shake with ice and coconut water, consistency is key for noticeable results.

With continued daily supplementation of protein, key nutrients, phytocompounds and antioxidants, healthy hair generation may become more noticeable, thanks to enhanced thickness especially around the root area.

Hair fall starts to reduce compared to day 1. Look back at your results from day one and identify any improvements.

Follicles and strands are nourished from the root and as a result gloss and texture will start to be enhanced.

You may be starting to notice that your hair condition is improving as each day goes by, and along with that, your self-confidence.

Month 3

Hair Atelier™ is working to its full potential now! Your daily shake or serve with yoghurt should now feel like a concrete ritual in your day.

Having taken Hair Atelier™ for over 2 months, the weaker, finer strands are growing stronger as they grow from the follicles. The thickness and weight of the hair have improved, and as a result the hair appears more voluminous.

While daily hair fall is normal and expected, when brushing or washing your hair, you should be noticing less strands falling out compared with your initial results at day one.

As you continue your supplementation, your hair is growing at a consistent rate, and new hair growth is fortified.  The quality of your hair has improved, and while this new growth has only recently emerged from your scalp, in time you’ll notice changes in your hair’s manageability.

Having supplemented for 3 months, the new hair that you have built is stronger, thicker, and healthier than ever. Your hair is thriving now, and you are too.

There’s no looking back now that your routine has become a ritual. Keep up your supplementation and the benefits you’ve seen over the last 3 months will continue to surprise and delight.

For recipes and ideas to incorporate Hair Atelier™ into your daily routine, click here.

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